Who is Neeko from League of Legends?

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Riot introduces new LGBTQ character Neeko

Screenshot of LoL character Neeko
Neeko from League of Legends, also known as the “Curious Chameleon,” is the newest shapeshifter hero that can be anyone she needs to be. Photo Credit: Riot Games

League of Legends fans received a big addition to the championship series lineup with Riot’s introduction of new LGBTQ character Neeko. Neeko is tagged as the “Curious Chameleon” and a shapeshifter from the tribe of Vastaya. Her value to gamers is that her magic abilities are built around deceiving the enemy, making Neeko a powerful strategic weapon.

Neeko appears to be a hybrid of both human and animal, which her stand-out from the rest of the pack. What makes her in-game powers unique is that she can mimic herself to appear as an ally champion, and inflict severe damage using her magic capabilities. But even more interesting than her in-game magic, is the magic the character is creating within fan communities across the internet.

Inspired artists, creators, and cosplayers immediately got to work on Twitter creating amazing fan-art and visual representations of the new League of Legend’s hero: 

Neeko’s background

What immediately stood out to fans was the Neeko appeared to have more of an attraction to female heroes. In fact, this was only a rumor until one of the head writers at Riot was able to confirm that Neeko identified as lesbian.

There is little doubt that the introduction of the character has infused new excitement into the juggernaut eSports title. The enthusiasm was on display as fans immediately responded with feelings of gratitude for the admission that Riot developed a character that is representative of so many people across the world.

Neeko Gameplay

Just like the natural abilities of a chameleon,  Neeko alters her appearance in order to lure her enemies in close, then stuns them with powerful burst of magic. Transitioning back into Neeko’s magic abilities, her most well known is ability is called Inherent Glamour. Neeko will disguise herself as seen below:

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