Who Is Chompette? (The Background You Must Know)

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Meet Princess Chompette Of The Super Crown Family

Picture of a Cosplayer dressed as Super Crown Princess Chompette
Who is Chompette? That is the question everyone in cosplay wants to know. Chompette is yet another mashup character transformed by the Super Crown. but there’s much more to the story.

If you thought that the Nintendo “ette” craze was over and done with, you might want to think again. It started with Nintendo announcing Peachette via a new video game trailer. And within days, fans created the now beloved Bowsette. Then it was Booette. And now the newest princess on the block is Chompette, or Chain Chompette. The internet has really just kept this whole frenzy going by delivering mashup character after mashup character. And there are no signs of it slowing down!

Just like her Super Crown sisters, Chompette has quickly catapulted into online fame via various social media networks. Fans all over the world are sharing their fan art, videos, and cosplay depictions of Chompette, further adding to her quick rising popularity.

But exactly who is Chompette and how did she come to be? To give you the quick answer, she is yet another fan-created character mashup, combining elements of both Chain Chomp and Princess Peach, who was born on the internet. In the rest of this post, we’ll dive deeper into these questions by explaining the history of Chompette, how she came to be, what she looks like, and more. 

The history of Chompette

To understand the history of Chompette, we must first understand how this whole “ette” craze started. And to do that, we must go back to September 13, 2018. This date is the day that Nintendo released their brand spanking new trailer for Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe, which is set to be released in January of 2019. In the short video, you’ll find that Nintendo announces two character additions to the game, one of whom is Toadette (Toad’s female counterpart). After digesting that exciting news, you’ll then find out when Toadette finds and uses the Super Crown as a “power-up” in the game, she transforms into a new character who we now know as Peachette.

How does this exactly happen? Well, the Super Crown has the magical power to turn non-human characters into a human version of themselves and Princess Peach. So Peachette is a mashup of both Toadette and Peach. She takes on features and characteristics of both characters. For example, she gets her blonde hair, white gloves, and the pink dress from Peach. But she gets her brown shows and mushroom patterns from Toadette. She is a true hybrid between the two!

Introducing Bowsette and Booette

So once Peachette was introduced to the world, the crazy ideas really started flowing, and fans began to get very creative. But one fan, in particular, was able to strike gold with his comic that he shared on September 19, 2018. This user, @ayyk92, a freelance artist from Malaysia, created the masterpiece below that we all now appreciate as the birth of Bowsette

As you can see in the comic, the story starts out with Mario and Bowser each trying to romantically offer Princess Peach their own gift. She easily rejects both of them, sending Mario into an upset panic. On the third frame, Bowser is seen with a giant smirk on his face, holding the Super Crown in the palm of his hand. Using the magic of the Super Crown, Bowser is able to successfully transform into the female version of himself. The last part of the comic then shows a brand new character, who is a hybrid of Bowser and Princess Peach and who we now have all come to know and love as Bowsette. 

And from there, the story was history. This original comic strip was shared wide and far all over the internet and fans began to create their own versions of Bowsette. Within a matter of a few days, she was trending on Twitter, had her own subreddit, inspired cosplayers to dress up just like her, and even became a frequently searched term on adult content websites. It was the true definition of a viral, overnight sensation and Bowsette easily cemented her place in history. 

Soon after Bowsette took off on the internet, another fan created character mashup popped up in Japan. But this time, the mashup was between the evil King Boo and Princess Peach. The result was another princess created by the Super Crown, who is now known as Booette, or Princess Boo, or even Boosette. Just like Bowsette, she adapts features from both characters, including white hair and clothing to appear more ghostly like King Boo, and an amulet and earrings to look like Princess Peach. And Booette had a similar growth trend as Bowsette. She took off quickly and spread like wildfire all over social media. Plus, she also became famous with artists, cosplayers, and she even got her own subreddit too

Next up: Chompette

But fans weren’t done with Bowsette and Booette. In fact, they had another genius mashup on the way! And that’s when Chompette (or Chain Chompette) was born. Most credit her creation to Twitter user @Zanamaoria, who tweeted this original illustration of Chompette in late September 2018. In the original images shared, Chompette is clearly depicted as a hybrid of Chain Chomp and Princess Peach as she takes on characteristics of both.  

In case you are wondering exactly who Chain Chomp is, let’s pause for a second here to go over that. If you’ve ever played a Mario game before, you’ll probably easily recognize Chain Chomp as a common enemy always trying to attack and take a bit out of Mario and his friends. First appearing in Super Mario Bros. 3, Chain Chomp is basically a ball and chain, but with large eyes and teeth that continually “chomp” at opponents. If you think about it, Chain Chomp resembles a barking dog, tied up with a leash trying to defend its territory from attack. 

It’s likely you already know who Princess Peach is as she is already a hugely popular character from the Mario franchise. She is the leader of the Mushroom Kingdom and also happens to be Mario’s love interest who constantly finds herself needing to be saved. Peach is the original female protagonist of the series and is a major fan favorite.

But what does Chompette look like?

Okay, back to Chompette. Now that you know the two characters who make up Chompette, it’s hopefully easier to imagine exactly what she looks like. Because she is a hybrid of the two, she takes on certain features from both. It’s important to note that there are thousands of various depictions of Chompette that exist on the internet and not all of them are exactly alike. 

Most show Chompette with short jet black hair, with straight cut bangs across the top of her forehead. Her hair is styled in a bob that ends right below her ears, near her chin line. She also is typically seen wearing a black dress that is puffed out and flared at the end, taking on a round ball shape, just like Chain Chomp. The bottom of the dress has a red border and white triangles placed over the border to look just like Chain Chomp’s mouth. In addition, the dress usually has large black and white eyeballs placed on it. Chompette also wears shackles and chains on her neck, wrists, and even ankles to symbolize the chains that Chain Chomp is linked to. Overall, she is full of various features that come from the ball and chain character. Chompette, of course, gets her human features from Princess Peach. And to top it all off, she wears the Super Crown on her head, which is the very object that transformed her in the first place.

While this description is accurate for the overwhelming majority of her depictions, there is not one single correct way to design or dress Chompette. She is 100% fan-created, meaning each fan can put their own spin or unique style on the character. Some versions of Chompette have her with long black hair propped up in a ponytail. Others have her wearing a dark amulet and earrings to mirror what Princess Peach wears. It’s really up to each fan to determine exactly how they want their own Chompette to look!

Chompette in art and cosplay

Chompette has been huge so far in both fan art and cosplay. People from across the globe have shared countless images and videos of their original artwork and costumes of Chompette. And they range from innocent and playful, to sexy and not safe for work. Just like her fellow “ette” sisters, she has become a beloved character in just a matter of days and has gained admirers from all corners of the world. She also now has her own subreddit filled with fan-submitted pictures that you can spend hours scanning through.

Fan art of Chompette ranges from hand-drawn masterpieces to digitally created renderings of the beautiful mashup princess. Most depict Chompette as more playful than Bowsette, but not shy and innocent like Booette.

And in cosplay, Chompette definitely doesn’t have the same edge or sexiness as Bowsette either. Typically, she is seen more fully clothed and covered up in costume because her dress is flared and puffy, instead of tight and hip-hugging. But her costume calls for a bit more creativity and DIY because of the giant eyeballs and mouth it requires to pull off. There are no premade Chompette dresses out there for purchase just yet, so cosplayers have to get creative and modify their own dresses to pull off the Chompette look.

If you’re interested in dressing up as Chompette, check out our full post on how to make your own Chompette costume.

Okay, now you know the answer to the question “Who is Chompette?” But what could be next?

The “ette” frenzy is far from over. In fact, we think it’s just getting started. And the possibilities are endless!

While Chompette might not be as famous as Bowsette or Booette, she has managed to amass a huge following in a short amount of time and continues to inspire artists and cosplayers from all across the globe. Together, the three fan mashup creations will live on and hopefully, one day could even become official Nintendo characters in some way, shape or form. Here’s to hoping that will happen someday!

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