Who is Ashe from Overwatch?

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Overwatch’s new vixen is looking to give the boys a mean fixin


Almost straight out of the imagination of Westworld, Blizzard’s Overwatch introduced a new female character named Ashe into their smash-hit video game lineup that is sure to keep the boys-a-talkin, and gunfights-a-rockin. Officially debuting on November 2, 2018, at Blizzcon, Overwatch debuted their new vixen and 29th playable character. The 39-year-old also known formerly as Elizabeth Caledonia “Calmamity” Ashe, is the leader of the Deadlock Gang, and is without a doubt a female boss that doesn’t take mess from anyone. In fact, everything from Ashe’s hardcore western maiden physical appearance to her blunt and brutish personality exudes nothing but confidence, sexiness, and overall badass-ness.

Ashe’s Backstory

Blizzard’s origin story for Ashe is just as exciting as her as a playable character. Ashe grew up in a world where money was in abundance, but attention from her family was scarce. She learned to take out her violent frustrations on the world, committing everything from assaults to robberies. With only her omnic B.O.B at her side, a one-time family butler, now trusted violent sidekick, Ashe now seeks attention in all the wrong places (or right places depending on who you ask). What makes Ashe’s origin story appealing to many fans, is that it feels very real. Many have gone through childhoods that lacked a family support structure, leaving many fans to feel an emotional connection to the character. It is evident that Blizzard wanted to create a character that was more than just a pretty face and strong attack moves.

Attacks and Special Moves

Speaking of strong attacks, Ashe is absolutely stacked with a sweet arsenal of weaponry that will surely put the youngins to bed. She packs a semi-automatic rifle that clicks off round after round of sweet charm to her enemies. In addition, she has a fiery surprise of dynamite to clear out foes, a Coach Gun that provides her additional elusiveness, and her trusted omnic sidekick B.O.B that will lite up a room with powerful arm canons. It’s clear that the good folks at Blizzard wanted to create a character that could truly capture the imagination of the Overwatch community and continue to dispell stereotypes that female video game characters can’t be as brutal as their male counterparts.

Ashe Fandom

If you are an avid Overwatch fan, or new to the scene, the introduction of Ashe is sure to generate some excitement around the franchise. In addition, there has been an outpour of support for Ashe inspiring everyone from cosplayers to artists to immediately show support for the new western hero through costumes and fan art. If you happen to be interested in doing your own Ashe cosplay, check out our article on how to make Ashe’s costume.

Without a doubt, gaming is seeing a tremendous amount of support for powerful female characters and big studios like Blizzard are listening and giving their growing audiences more of what they want to see. Fans are beginning to see a gender transition in video games, in which female empowerment is becoming more of a cultural norm. In an industry long dominated by strong male characters, it’s nice to see that strong female characters are being introduced into hardcore male genre’s and also online communities are equally embracing them as one of their own. 

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