5 Best Places To Sell Your Used Fursuit

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Where To Find A Buyer For Your Fursuit

It’s never easy to part ways with a friend, particularly one that was born of your own fursona. You remember back to when you commissioned your very first fursuit, and from the day you took it out of the box, your life was never the same. However, as time passes, you realize that change is inevitable, and it’s now time to find your furry pal a new home. Regardless if you are selling your fursuit to make room for a newer one or wanting to earn some extra cash, you will need to find somewhere to list it for sale.

Although the demand for furry costumes is on the rise, having the best chances of selling your used suit requires finding the best obvious and non-obvious marketplaces. In this guide, we will take you through the best places to find a buyer for your fursuit. The best options are the following:

  1. The Dealer’s Den
  2. eBay
  3. Fursuit Sale (Facebook Group)
  4. Fur Affinity Forums
  5. A Local Pawn Shop

1) The Dealer’s Den

The Dealer’s Den is a fandom store and niche auction site that specializes largely in selling new and used fursuit items. What makes this website our top choice for a place to sell your fursuit is that they have multiple selling sub-categories, including fur, accessories, partial suits, and even parts! This makes it very easy to sell off your entire costume, or you could break it down and sell off the individual parts, which could possibly be more lucrative.

2) eBay

Believe it or not, eBay is not only still around, but also makes #2 on our list for the best places to sell your used fursuit. The great part is that because of eBay’s brand name recognition, customers will likely have confidence knowing that their transaction will be secured and backed by the eCommerce tech giant. You can even list your fursuit based on its animal theme. Also, the site is synonymous with selling used goods, which makes it fertile ground for furry bargain hunters looking for a good deal.

3) Fursuit Sale (Facebook Group)

While posting in a Facebook group may sound boring, the fact is that niche groups on social media sites like Facebook can get many eyes on your used fursuit. In addition, one of the aspects we liked about this group at the time of this writing is that it seems to be a lot of activity with people posting and receiving responses. Keep in mind that moderators of a Facebook group can drop the hammer and delete a posting at any time, so while this is a great option, you might consider also listing your costume on multiple platforms.

4) Fur Affinity Forums

Fur Affinity Forums is precisely what it sounds like, and it’s a community of members mostly posting about furry related topics. One of their popular pages is called Furry Trading Post, and the site allows people to buy and sell furry apparel and costumes. While this may be a good option to spread your advertising efforts, you should also consider posting on other mediums as well to increase the chances of you finding a buyer.

5) A Local Pawn Shop

Now before you bypass this option altogether, consider the business model of a pawn shop. They purchase mostly used inventory and resell it at a profit or pawn it, which is effectively a customer loan. However, when most casual customers walk into a pawn shop, they likely are engaging in impulse buying, meaning they browse around, not knowing exactly what they want. A fursuit could be a great impulse buy for a customer to give to their kids, or for parties.

One strategy you could employ is to work out a deal with the store owner to merchandise the suit on the store floor, and if someone purchases it, then you get a percentage of the overall sale. Or, you could sell the fursuit directly to the shop.

Options For Selling Your Used Fursuit Doesn’t End Here

While these top 5 places are a great place to start, there’s a bunch of other options that could have made this list, including advertising directly to your followers on your social media account or selling Craiglist. However, now is the time for you to get involved down in the comments! What are some other great marketplaces to sell a used fursuit? What should be added to this list? Remember to share on social media and stay tuned for more furry related content!

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