The Top 5 Best Gaming Desks for 2022

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The best gaming desks have the power to alter your gaming experience completely. A decent gaming workstation should, at its most basic, provide you with enough room for your keyboard, mouse, and monitor. 

All inside a reliable, comfortable frame. Standing desks are now an option, with motorized capabilities to quickly switch between sitting and standing positions. You’ll be all set if you combine your ideal workstation with an excellent gaming chair. Alternately, pair it with a treadmill and watch the pounds melt off while you play World of Warcraft.

Since many of us continue to work from home, these desks are worth considering, even if you are not a serious gamer who spends a lot of time playing the greatest PC games on your computer. Therefore, making the appropriate setup investment is more crucial than ever.

Numerous gaming desks that are suitable for practically any home computer setup are described on this page. This applies whether you want to modernize your home office or want an appropriate area for creating videos for YouTube or Twitch. Additionally, the desks come in a broad range of appealing designs, from neutral wood desks for a laid-back office to sleek RGB ones for anyone looking for a flamboyant command center.

1. Arozzi Arena Gaming Desk

Because of its large, exceptional design, the Arozzi Arena Gaming desk is among the greatest gaming desks you can purchase. You have plenty of space for your equipment on the 63-inch-wide desk, and since it is 31 inches deep, you can play without having to sit too close to the screen.

Arozzi Arena Gaming Desk
Arozzi Arena Gaming Desk

You don’t need additional mouse pads to operate your mouse on Arozzi’s desk since it is incredibly strong and has a bespoke mouse pad finish. It’s ideal for even the largest strokes and provides a smooth glide across the whole surface. It is far more useful than you think because it is water and tear-resistant.

You may acquire an Arozzi desk that looks good in every part of the house because it comes in five lovely colors. Although the Arena Gaming Desk weighs 176 pounds, making it one of the heaviest gaming desks on the market, Arozzi has made it simple to maneuver, making it a popular option in our roundup of the best gaming desks.

2. FlexiSpot Height Adjustable Gaming Desk

FlexiSpot’s workstation products are elegant, practical, economical, and durable, and its gaming solution falls pretty close to the tree. The FlexiSpot Height Adjustable Gaming Desk can have a straightforward, uncomplicated design. Considering other FlexiSpot workstations, at least. But it also functions as a gaming desk to enhance both your gaming experience and daily life.

FlexiSpot Height Adjustable Gaming Desk
FlexiSpot Height Adjustable Gaming Desk

Like many gaming desks, it is height-adjustable up to 48 inches, but unlike most, it is motorized, so you can just push the up/down touch buttons to select your optimum desk height. The engine is also quiet, which is helpful if you want to play a game late at night. With a desktop that is 28 inches deep and 55 inches broad, it is designed to support everything you would want to place on top of it and handle a powerful gaming system.

3. Waleaf Vitesse Gaming Desk

The Waleaf Vitesse Gaming Workstation is ideal if you’re looking for a stylish gaming desk. The workstation has a large 63-inch deck, a cupholder for your beverage, and a hook for your headphones. Additionally, because of its size, you can accommodate several monitors on the desk with hardly any difficulty.

Waleaf Vitesse Gaming Desk
Waleaf Vitesse Gaming Desk

To keep your phone and accessories charged while you play your favorite games, the desk is composed of durable materials and has a four-port smart USB handle rack charger. The desk also comes with a 120-day free repair and parts warranty, which is the best part.

4. Ikea Utespelare

You might think of something other than Ikea when considering gaming workstations. However, the Swedish retailer has entered the race and done so with a respectable – and affordable – offering. It might not include a motor or any other electrical parts. But it can be at least $200. For those on a tight budget, this workstation, which was created in partnership with ROG (Republic of Gamers), is the perfect option.

Although Utespelare’s desktop is made of particleboard, don’t undervalue it. This strong desk may easily support a gaming PC and many game monitors. The metal mesh ventilates your gadgets at the rear of the desk, which is also sturdy enough to hold monitor arms.

Its adaptability, though, is what makes this such an excellent gaming workstation. It is adjustable at six various heights, ranging from around 27 to 30 inches. Additionally, you may choose to have the ergonomically contoured tabletop on the other side. Additionally, a cable management net is included in order to keep everything neat and orderly.

5. Thermaltake ToughDesk 500L RGB Battlestation Gaming Desk

The L-shaped ToughDesk 500L is a battle station because it is constructed like a tank and can support an adult of average height owing to its steel structure. This was created with gamers in mind, especially those who want to play for extended periods at their workstation.

The ToughDesk has features that cater to its target market, from practical ones like wire management to more entertaining ones like integrated RGB lights that sync with Razer Chroma and TT RGB Plus on the main desk. Additionally, it includes a mouse pad for both the primary and side desks, a gaming device that most customers generally need to buy individually.

The flexibility of this desk is its key strength. The ToughDesk can change from sitting to standing at the touch of a button thanks to three motors thoughtfully arranged in the corners. Additionally, the controller can save up to four height memory settings, allowing you to keep your preferred ones close at hand. The ToughDesk includes an anti-collision safety sensor to protect you and your knees if you chance to be a clumsy person.

Gaming Desktop Buying Guide Tips

If you’re looking for a new gaming desk, here’s what to look for. We’ll cover the design, ergonomics, and quality to help you choose the best option for your needs. There are some features you’ll want to look for. Keep reading to discover which features are crucial in a gaming desk and which you should avoid. There are a ton of different options available in the market today.


When purchasing a gaming desk, ergonomics should be your top priority. Sitting at your desk for long periods can be detrimental to your health and cause muscle strain, poor circulation, and even brain fog. Standing at your desk while you play games can help alleviate neck and back pain, and you’ll also be more aware of the amount of time you’re spending playing.

If your gaming needs include space for a mouse, keyboard, and mousepad, you should choose a desk that is ergonomically designed for these functions. The size of a gaming desk should be large enough to accommodate all these components, and there should be enough room underneath to store all the necessary gaming accessories. The desk should be stable and sturdy sufficient to support your entire gaming setup and be comfortable.

The Arozzi Arena is a gaming desk that offers excellent comfort. The desk has an adjustable height and a smooth surface. It also features a steel frame and adjustable legs. The height can be anywhere from seventy-seven to one hundred and twenty-seven centimeters. A gaming desk should be able to support up to 120 kilograms. There are some downsides to a gaming desk.


Your gaming desk must look good if you want to be on top of your game. With the rise of modern gaming, the look of your desk is crucial to your enjoyment. You don’t want to have a plastic desk that hides an RGB-pumping gaming beast. The design also ranks high on the list of top features when it comes to gaming desks. Here are some trends to keep an eye out for.

An L-shaped gaming desk will fit your multiple monitor setup with room to put your gaming keyboard and mouse. This design will also have built-in storage for your games, speakers, headphones, and more. The tabletop will support up to 270 pounds of weight. The PVC laminate surface is waterproof and easy to clean. You can even add a cup holder to your desk to drink your coffee while you’re playing.

Another essential feature of a suitable gaming desk is adjustable lighting. Controllable RGB lighting provides a soothing atmosphere that will keep you focused on your game, and the lights can be set to six single colors or shuffled and strobed. The desk comes with plenty of room to set up multiple monitors and is designed to accommodate various gaming consoles. It also has a fully-covered mouse pad, storage for gaming controllers, and 4 USB charging ports. A dual headphone rack and socket holder make for a clean gaming setup.


A gaming desk is more than just a surface for your gear; it’s also the foundation for your action-packed gaming experience. It would help if you chose a gaming desk that supports high-stakes and casual games and offers plenty of space to move around. The best models include multi-platform capabilities, smooth-tracking fibers, and ergonomic features. If you can’t spend much money, you can opt for a less expensive model that can still provide great value.

You’ll also have the option of building your gaming desk. For example, the RESPAWN 2000 gaming desk features customizable options and an ergonomic design. It also includes two colorful headphone hooks and a cup holder. It has more than 8,000 possible combinations. Even if you’re not a gamer, you can still find a desk that meets your needs. A gaming desk can be a significant investment, so shop around!


Whether a newcomer or a seasoned gamer, you should know that gaming desks come in a wide range of designs and prices. Quality gaming desks will have impressive loading capacity. Superior materials and quality parts fixation will produce durable products. Look for an MDF surface, a metal base, and flexible options. Generally, adjustable height and surface angle are standard features. There are a few other factors to consider when buying a gaming desk.

Many gaming desks feature plenty of space to accommodate multiple monitors and a special keyboard tray. Other features include double headphone racks and socket holders, extensive cable management, and various lighting effects.

When shopping for a gaming desk, remember your needs and budget. A desk designed to keep you comfortable for hours at a time is much more functional than one made for office use. Gaming desks are made of higher-quality materials and are more durable than office desks. Furthermore, they are often ergonomically designed to provide the best possible gaming experience. A gaming desk should also allow you to change positions quickly and easily.

Integrated chest of drawers

If you are looking for a gaming desk with all the features you need, you might want to look into the Integrated chest of drawers. Integrated chest of drawers gaming desks is the best choice for gamers looking to find a high-quality desk with a large desktop area. These desks can also double as workstations or multi-purpose PlayStations. They combine ergonomics and storage functionality, giving you a comfortable place to work and play. The Virtuoso Horizon Gaming Desk comes in white with blue piping and offers a larger desktop area, a sliding under-desk mouse tray, and open large storage shelves.

The features of an integrated chest of drawers and a gaming desk vary widely. The components may include handling heavy loads, ports, cable organization solutions, or a more “back to basics” design. Knowing what you need beforehand will help you narrow down your choices. For example, a 150-pound-max load desk won’t work if you need to use it for a complex setup.