The Best Nintendo Switch Accessories to Own

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So, you’ve beaten the crowds and found a Nintendo Switch console for a good deal. Perhaps you received the Switch Lite, the OG, or the latest OLED variant. What are the top Nintendo Switch accessories, then? 

You should get extra accessories to make your gaming session more fun before you join in with your buddies and play classic games like Breath of the Wild and Mario Odyssey. The Nintendo Switch is a very wonderful system, but there are a lot of quality-of-life enhancements that might be done.

The Nintendo Switch is an incredible system on its own, thanks to its mobility and variety of playable form factors. But it doesn’t mean a few extras can’t enhance the experience even further. After all, Nintendo designed the Switch to be usable with a broad range of peripherals, many of which it produces.

We’ve identified the top Nintendo Switch accessories available right now, including everything from controllers to protection. So, let’s get started.

1. Genki Covert DockĀ 

Genki Covert Dock

What if you want to play your Nintendo Switch while traveling? The dock that comes with your system is wonderful if all you want to do is set your console behind your TV. It’s awkward to fit in your bag and appears quite flimsy.

Introducing the new Genki Covert Dock from Human Things. It utilizes GaN technology to condense a USB PD charger, an HDMI output, and a USB port into a device the size of the Nintendo Switch power adapter, giving you all the capabilities of your big dock. Plugging in some wires is all that is required. Awesome. We’ve been using one for a while, and it’s truly a wonderful tool. Leave your dock behind; Genki is the future.

2. Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

If you’re not playing entirely on the move, you owe it to yourself to play with something bigger and better because the little thumbsticks and triggers on the Joy-Con controllers for the Nintendo Switch may be a hassle. It’s a good thing there’s the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller. With a well-known and significantly more ergonomic design, this gamepad provides all the controls you want for a Nintendo Switch.

With the aid of a USB-C connection, the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller may be wirelessly charged. Thanks to the 40-hour battery life, you can play nonstop all day long. The bigger, simpler controls and true D-pad will unquestionably improve your gaming, while HD Rumble should further immerse you in the action. Even Amiibo are supported by its NFC chip. The best part is that this controller should last the whole lifespan of your Switch, making it a very wise buy.

3. FUNLAB Switch Case

Why not try something different with this Luigi-themed travel bag because most Nintendo products have a Mario motif.

With an inside insert with sculpted portions to suit the Nintendo Switch, the dock, the charger, the Joy-Con straps, the insert that turns the Joy-Cons into a standard controller, pockets for game cartridges, wires, and more, it is made to resemble his trademark green and blue overalls.

You probably had no idea that the slim Mario Brother was capable of packing up the goodies.

4. SanDisk Ultra Memory Card (128 or 256GB)

SanDisk Ultra Memory Card

The internal storage of your Nintendo Switch quickly fills up once you’ve loaded a few games onto it. You’ll need a microSD card to expand the internal storage because even playing games from a cartridge adds data to the system. One of the greatest Nintendo Switch accessories available, this has to be your very first purchase.

The 128GB Ultra drive from SanDisk strikes the mark. It costs less than $20, making it more affordable than even a mediocre controller while yet offering significant functionality. That 128GB provides enough of space for games, and if you find that you eventually need more space for your game library, you can always buy another one. The card makes sure you don’t have excruciatingly long loading times for games saved on it with 120MB/s read rates. Additionally, SanDisk offers a 10-year warranty, which should give Nintendo more than enough time to introduce its next platform.

5. Satisfye ZenGrip Pro For Switch

Satisfye ZenGrip Pro For Switch

It can be difficult to grip the Nintendo Switch due to its nearly flat form factor, and people with big hands may find the Joy-Cons’ tiny size annoying. With the Satisfye ZenGrip Pro, you can grip the console more ergonomically and avoid hand cramps, which will make long gaming sessions much more enjoyable for you.

Giving your hands a set of straightforward grips to cling onto is the primary goal of the Satisfye ZenGrip Pro. With these, your fingers and thumb can correctly wrap around the bottom of the Joy-Cons rather than digging in. The handles are positioned diagonally to allow for a more natural angle at the wrists, and the plastic frame doubles as a stand. Even silicone tabs are included to guard from scratching the Switch.

The only true drawback to this grip is that it reduces the portability of your device while it is attached. However, the Satisfye ZenGrip Pro is a terrific place to start if you’re seeking to give your Switch playtime a little bit more comfort.

6. KontrolFreeks Thumbsticks

KontrolFreeks Thumbsticks

Here at KnowTechie, we adore both the Joy-Cons and the Pro Controller, but we’re less enthusiastic about Nintendo’s thumbsticks. Aside from the drift difficulties, the little Joy-Con thumbsticks aren’t actually useable by anyone older than a third-grader.

KontrolFreek can help with a comprehensive selection of height-improving, grip-improving extenders for those thumbsticks, allowing you to play Mario Odyssey without needing to fling your controllers about as much as Nintendo advises.

7. Orzly Grip Case

Orzly Grip Case

In order to prevent breaking your Nintendo Switch Lite while playing Super Smash Bros. outside the house, you might wish to get a protective cover.

With the exception of the buttons, Orzly’s great-grip case is made of durable TPU material. All the vents and ports are taken away, there is a kickstand, and there are even two secret chambers in the grips so you can carry two more game cartridges. That’s really quite awesome.