6 Questions You Have About Being A Furry

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Because Furry Questions Never End With Just One

Entering the world of Furry Fandom for the first time can be an exciting but overwhelming experience. The reason is that becoming a furry often comes with many questions, but seemingly hard to find answers while searching on the internet and social forums. Both experienced and new furries often need answers to things such as general questions about wearing fursuits or topics like how to start their own fursuit business. 

So we decided to create an article dedicated to finding answers and build a never-ending Q&A in which we will answer the questions you post down in the comments section! If you don’t have any questions about the furry lifestyle now, chances are you will have a few at some point. Here is a list of the top questions you have about being a furry:

  1. Can fursuits get fleas or ticks?
  2. Can fursuit fur catch on fire?
  3. Are fursuits comfortable?
  4. Why are fursuits so expensive?
  5. What are fursuits made of?
  6. How do quad fursuits work?
Furry Questions

1) Can fursuits get fleas or ticks?

Even though the vast majority of fursuits are made with artificial fur, they can still be susceptible to many of the ailments of real fur, including getting fleas and ticks. Ticks, for example, are typically found in outdoor areas and attach themselves to a living host that accidentally brushes up near them. Because fursuit costumes generally are wide in their construction, it provides a large surface area for various types of pests to attach themselves.

However, unlike living on real animals, insect pests living in fursuits will likely not find any sustainable food source and move on at some point. But keep in mind, ticks can carry Lyme disease, and fleas can spread to other things, so If you plan on wearing a fursuit in forest type areas, then make sure always to inspect and clean your fur after use.



2) Can fursuit fur catch on fire?

Faux fur is the commonly used material in constructing fursuits and is made of polymers, which is essentially a form of plastic. When faux fur is ignited by a heat source such as fire and electric dryers, the material likely will burn or melt.

A Furry YouTuber did an experiment showing the effects of trying to get a fake fur to burn in this video, and the results vary on the types of material, but it appears that most faux furs would not fully engulf in a fire.

However, you should exercise caution at all times and remember that if your fursuit is exposed to flammable chemicals such as oil-based sprays, your suit could become highly flammable when exposed to fire. The moral of the story is that excessive heat, at minimum, can severely damage your suit, and could be dangerous.

3) Are fursuits comfortable?

Although fursuits are cute and cuddly on the outside, the interior of the costume can become uncomfortable wearing over time. This is mainly due to the fact that the interior of fursuits can become very hot and muggy, as only minimum air ventilation reaches the person inside.

4) Why are fursuits so expensive?

Fursuits can be pricey, but this is largely because they are often custom-made costumes. It can take fursuit makers months to complete a single commission, so prices typically are high to accommodate the artists’ time and services.

5) What are fursuits made of?

Fursuits can be made of many materials, but predominately made of a polymer material called faux fur for the exterior. The padding for fursuits is commonly composed of upholstery foam.

6) How do quad fursuits work?

Quad suits are a type of fursuit, in which the person replicates the natural walking style of the animal. Quadsuits typically use some form of stilts, which is used on the hands by the wearer, to balance and support them walking on all fours.

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