How To Make Your Own Ashe Overwatch Costume

Overwatch’s Vixen From The Wild West Is Ashe Overwatch has done it once again! At Blizzcon 2018, they introduced the latest hero in the smash-hit video game, and we must admit, she’s pretty badass. This gunslinging sharpshooter straight out of the wild west is known as Ashe, and she happens to be the ambitious and calculating leader …

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Who is Ashe from Overwatch?

Overwatch’s new vixen is looking to give the boys a mean fixin Overview Almost straight out of the imagination of Westworld, Blizzard’s Overwatch introduced a new female character named Ashe into their smash-hit video game lineup that is sure to keep the boys-a-talkin, and gunfights-a-rockin. Officially debuting on November 2, 2018, at Blizzcon, Overwatch debuted their …

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Best Gaming Desks (Serious Gamer Edition)

Choosing the best gaming desk is your first objective There comes a time when every gamer comes to the inevitable conclusion that their home PC gaming desk sucks. Period. Whether it’s having constant neck pain from tilting your head down to look at a monitor that is beneath your natural eye level, or lower back …

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How to make your own Wonder Woman costume

Wonder Woman is back Wonder Woman is one of the most iconic female superheroes around and has been since her introduction over 75 years ago. She was created by DC Comics way back in 1941 and quickly became known for her independence and strong-willed character. She struck down the “damsel in distress” stigma that most leading …

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gaming pc under 500

Building A Gaming PC For Under $500 (Bargain Performance Edition)

Gamers today have two options when it comes to their gaming PCs: finding a pre-built machine or building one from scratch. Many people over the years have debated which approach is better, but very few will argue that building your own provides you with more flexibility in terms of parts and budget. Believe it or …

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How to Make Your Own Princess Peach Costume

Princess Peach Costume: How to Make Your Own

Peach is the Original Princess of Gaming. Peach is well-known as the beloved leader of the Mushroom Kingdom. In this post, we’ll show you how to cosplay by making your own Princess Peach costume! When it comes to the famous females of gaming, most of us can’t help but think of Princess Peach. However, she was …

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How To Build A Gaming PC

Gaming PC Performance starts before pressing play As gaming has evolved over the years, an increasing amount of gamers have slowly transitioned away from console gaming and are now leaning towards PC gaming. Although the concept of PC gaming is not anything groundbreaking, a new generation of gamer is finding out what many gaming evangelists …

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How To Make Your Own Harley Quinn Costume

How to Make Your Own Harley Quinn Costume

You Can Look Just Like Harley Quinn Ever since the release of the movie Suicide Squad in 2016, Harley Quinn has been one of the most, if not the most, popular female supervillains around the world. Although she was originally introduced by DC Comics all the way back in 1992, she didn’t really break into …

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How To Make Money On Twitch (Complete Guide)

Is making money on Twitch as easy as it seems? If you’re an avid video gamer, at some point, you’ve probably wondered to yourself if there was a way you could make money off your passion. Sure, there is the path of the eSports superstar, but that’s a road only a few gamers can realistically …

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Picture of a Cosplayer dressed as Super Crown Princess Chompette

Who Is Chompette? (The Background You Must Know)

Meet Princess Chompette Of The Super Crown Family If you thought that the Nintendo “ette” craze was over and done with, you might want to think again. It started with Nintendo announcing Peachette via a new video game trailer. And within days, fans created the now beloved Bowsette. Then it was Booette. And now the …

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PAX West 2018 review

Bell to bell excitement from start to finish Sure, you might be thinking that gaming expos are all the same, but as you read this review, I would highly encourage to you to channel the nostalgia of your childhood past. You know, the days when every arcade and every game brought you levels of excitement …

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How To Make Your Own Chompette Costume (Chain Gang Edition)

Transform Into Royalty With A Chompette Costume Here we go again! Yet another princess has been transformed thanks to the Super Crown. The craze all started in September of 2018 with Bowsette’s creation, and within a few days, Booette was the next to follow. So who is it this time? None other than Chompette (or …

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