Might Guy Character Profile and Cosplay Ideas

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Might Guy is one of the strongest ninjas in the entire Leaf Village, as well as the rest of the known world. However, friends and foes alike often underestimate him due to his appearance and the fact that he never actually goes all-out.

Might Guy

Just to put his power into perspective, other than the First Hokage, Hashirama Senju, Might Guy is the only person who was able to fight against Madara Uchiha as his equal. So, just how did Guy become this strong, and who is he really?

That might seem like a loaded question, but the answer is quite simple. Might Guy is just someone who works extremely hard to prove himself, much like his student, Rock Lee. And, like Lee, his focus is on taijutsu.

Might Guy was trained initially by his father, Might Duy, because he dreamed of being a splendid shinobi. However, his father was a perpetual genin-ranked ninja who was only ever sent on lost cat-finding missions. So, how could he become so strong under such a “weak” teacher?

Persistence. Guy’s biggest strength is his determination, which is impossible to break. He trained mercilessly, doing hundreds or thousands of reps of each of his workouts back to back. These workouts involved things like running, push-ups, sit-ups, and even mountain climbing, to name a few.

When he was young, he also started a lifelong rivalry with Kakashi Hatake, who would become his closest friend. While Kakashi was the prodigy, Guy was the one who had to work for everything. Kakashi was his perfect rival, and to this day, they stand tied in their various competitions.

Notable Skills

Might Guy is generally known as the most substantial taijutsu user, but he can also use some ninjutsu. He can use Fire and Lightning release, along with a summoning jutsu. Guy’s summoning is a giant tortoise named Ningame, but he isn’t used all that frequently.

Further, Guy is capable of canceling high-level genjutsu. Even if he can’t cast his own genjutsu, the ability to break free from the genjutsu of his opponent is a great skill to have.

But taijutsu is what sets Guy apart from the rest. Not only is he exceptional at unarmed combat, but he can also use just about any hand-held weapon there is. His personal favorite is a pair of nunchaku referred to as Sōshūga, which he uses against opponents he can’t physically touch.

His most notable taijutsu skill is his use of the Eight Inner Gates technique, which opens up the major chakra pathways in the body to give him access to overwhelming power. Within each gate, there are also special attacks Guy can use.

Some of these attacks include the Morning Peacock, Daytime Tiger, Evening Elephant, and finally Night Guy. Night Guy is the most potent move Guy can use and is considered a forbidden technique because it requires the Eighth Gate of Death to be opened. With this attack, he almost defeated Madara Uchiha’s Ten-Tails Jinchuriki form on his own.


As hard as it might be to imagine, Guy has no bad match-ups. Yes, he focuses almost solely on his taijutsu, but his level of taijutsu is so high due to his Eight Inner Gates Technique that it can overcome almost any obstacle.

He’s stronger and faster than just about any other taijutsu user; he can break free from genjutsu users and use Ningame to block the attacks of ninjutsu users. On the other side, there isn’t much his opponents can do to stop Guy’s attacks.

The only reason Madara wasn’t killed by Guy is that he could not land a direct hit due to the truth-seeking orbs. But those aren’t something many other ninjas have access to outside of Naruto Uzumaki and a possible Ten-Tails Jinchuriki, so it’s fair to say that it’s not a practical issue Guy would have to deal with.

Even someone like Suigetsu, who’s literally made out of the water and therefore can’t be punched or kicked to death, doesn’t really stand a chance against Guy. For that match-up, in particular, Guy still has access to his Lightning release.

Really, the worst match-up Guy has is against himself. This is because if he goes all-out, he’ll die as a result. Even when he goes almost all-out, he’ll still be severely injured simply due to the impact of his own attacks.

Team Composition

There are two different team compositions Guy works well on. The first is a fully taijutsu-based team, like his own team, Team Guy, which included Neji Hyuga, Rock Lee, and Tenten. The second is an all-around team comprising taijutsu, genjutsu, and ninjutsu specialists.

Since Guy is one of the most versatile taijutsu users, it only makes sense to pair him up with one of the most versatile ninjutsu users, Kakashi Hatake. As a bonus, these two know each other’s strengths and weaknesses and so can adequately cover for each other.

However, neither one of them is really a genjutsu specialist. For this role on the team, Kurenai Yūhi (Sarutobi) is the perfect fit. Kakashi can focus on defending along with some attacking via his ninjutsu, Kurenai can play support with her genjutsu, and Guy can go all out with his taijutsu.

Shikadai and Ino are also two pretty good options to be paired with Guy simply because their abilities restrict the opponent from evading. That said, they’re both reasonably vulnerable while using their respective jutsu, so another team member must be involved in defending them.

Gaara could fit this role well considering his “ultimate defense,” but his defense could also just be paired well with Guy’s offense anyway.

Might Guy DIY Cosplay Ideas

We’ve gathered a list of Might Guy DIY cosplay ideas that cosplay fans can use for piecing together their own cosplay.

  1. Classic Might Guy:
    • Outfit: Guy’s iconic green jumpsuit with a red forehead protector, blue leg warmers, and black sandals.
    • Accessories: Kunai pouch, wristbands, and a confident smile.
  2. Might Guy in Training:
    • Outfit: Guy’s younger appearance during his training days, featuring a similar green jumpsuit and bandages.
    • Accessories: Forehead protector, wristbands, and a youthful pose.
  3. Might Guy in Action:
    • Outfit: Guy’s standard attire, but with a dynamic pose that showcases his taijutsu prowess.
    • Accessories: Kunai pouch, headband, and a fiery determination.
  4. Eight Gates Opened Guy:
    • Outfit: Guy’s outfit when he opens multiple gates, characterized by steam emitting from his body and a powerful aura.
    • Accessories: Forehead protector, bandages, and a focused expression.
  5. Might Guy Sensei:
    • Outfit: Guy’s attire when he’s acting as a mentor, wearing a green jacket over his jumpsuit and a red tie.
    • Accessories: Headband, wristbands, and an encouraging smile.
  6. Casual Might Guy:
    • Outfit: Guy’s relaxed attire, which might include a casual t-shirt, shorts, and sandals.
    • Accessories: His youthful charm and a friendly disposition.
  7. Guy’s Youthful Days:
    • Outfit: Guy’s appearance from his childhood or teenage years, wearing simpler training attire.
    • Accessories: Headband, wristbands, and a pose that reflects his early determination.
  8. Hokage Guy:
    • Outfit: Guy’s outfit if he were to become a Hokage, featuring a green version of the Hokage cloak and his typical attire.
    • Accessories: Headband, wristbands, and a confident stance.
  9. Might Guy with Lee:
    • Outfit: Coordinate your cosplay with a friend who’s cosplaying as Rock Lee for a dynamic duo.
    • Accessories: Matching headbands, wristbands, and a joint taijutsu pose.
  10. Alternate Universe Might Guy:
    • Get creative! Imagine how Guy might look in different settings, timelines, or roles, while keeping his exuberant spirit intact.

When cosplaying as Might Guy, remember to embrace his enthusiasm and boundless energy. From his unique hairstyle to his unwavering determination, there are many ways to bring out the essence of this beloved character. Enjoy cosplaying as the powerful and charismatic ninja!