How to Wavedash in Rocket League

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A Comprehensive Guide to Wavedashing in Rocket League

If you are a fan of Rocket League, then you have probably heard of wavedashing. It is one of the game’s most popular, useful, and advanced techniques, allowing you to move faster and make more precise maneuvers.

This guide covers everything you need to know about wavedashing, including how to perform it and its many uses in Rocket League. Whether you are a beginner looking to improve or a seasoned pro looking to brush up on your skills, this guide has something for everyone.

So, let’s get started and learn how to master the art of wavedashing!

What is a Wavedash?

A wavedash is a technique used in Rocket League to transition from one area of the pitch to another quickly. It involves using aerial movement and quick directional changes to move the player’s car at an increased speed without using boosts. Wavedashing is an advanced technique that requires practice but can offer significant rewards for experienced players.

In essence, wavedashing is performed by activating the jump button, followed by the air-roll button. This creates a quick directional change which propels the car forward and gives the player more speed than usual. Wavedashing can be used in many different ways, such as dodging opponent attacks or setting up a goal shot. The possibilities are endless when it comes to wavedashing.

The Benefits of Wavedashing

Wavedashing is a technique that is often used in Rocket League for quick and effective maneuvering. Wavedashing can help you move faster, dodge incoming shots, and maintain control of the ball. It is an important technique for those looking to stay ahead of the competition.

First and foremost, wavedashing increases your speed. This lets you quickly switch directions, adjust angles, and stay ahead of your opponents. Additionally, you’ll be able to take advantage of gaps in the defense to get shots off quickly.

Wavedashing also makes it easier to dodge incoming shots. You can quickly switch directions and avoid potential shots with a well-timed dash. You can even use this technique to escape tough situations, like when you’re stuck in your opponent’s corner.

Finally, wavedashing helps you maintain control of the ball. By changing direction quickly, you can avoid obstacles and keep the ball close to your car. This allows you to retain possession and keep your team in control of the match.

Overall, wavedashing is a key technique that can improve your performance in Rocket League. With it, you can increase your speed, dodge incoming shots, and maintain control of the ball. So if you want to take your game to the next level, be sure to master the art of wavedashing!

How to do a Wavedash in Rocket League

The first step to learning how to do a wavedash in Rocket League is understanding the concept of an air dodge. An air dodge is a movement technique that allows you to move quickly and decisively while in midair. It involves pressing the jump button and the boost button at the same time. This will allow you to switch forward or backward directions in a single motion quickly.

Once you understand the concept of an air dodge, you are ready to learn the wavedash. The wavedash is essentially a combination of an air dodge and a flip reset. A flip reset is a technique to reset your car’s angle in midair. To do this, press the jump button twice in quick succession.

The wavedash involves combining these two techniques:

  1. First, you perform an air dodge to switch directions quickly.
  2. Immediately after, you do a flip reset by pressing the jump button twice in quick succession.
  3. This will cause your car to transition into a new direction while maintaining its speed and angle.

It is important to practice this technique until you can do it consistently. It is also important to note that the length of the wavedash is determined by how far and how fast you are moving before initiating the wavedash. The longer you move, the longer and faster the wavedash will be.

The Different Types of Wavedashes

Wavedashing in Rocket League is a highly technical maneuver that allows for increased mobility and control on the field. Several types of wavedashes are used for different purposes.

1. Basic Wavedash

The Basic Wavedash is the most commonly used type of wavedash and involves pressing the jump button twice while moving in one direction, then quickly pressing the jump button again while reversing direction. This will cause your car to slide back in the opposite direction while maintaining speed and control.

2. Double-Tap Wavedash

The Double-Tap Wavedash is another type of wavedash that involves quickly tapping the jump button twice in one direction before quickly changing directions. This creates an even longer slide than the basic wavedash, making it useful for increasing mobility during tight situations.

3. Side Jump Wavedash

The Side Jump Wavedash is a third type of wavedash which is more difficult to master but can be incredibly useful. This type of wavedash requires you to jump in one direction, then immediately jump in the opposite direction while still in the air. This causes your car to move sideways while maintaining speed and control.

4. Flip Reset Wavedash

The Flip Reset Wavedash is a fourth type of wavedash that is best used when resetting a certain position. To execute this type of wavedash, press the jump button twice while moving forward, then quickly press the flip button while reversing direction. This will cause your car to flip in the opposite direction, giving you a much-needed reset in certain situations.

5. Juke Wavedash

Finally, the Juke Wavedash is a fifth type of wavedash that lets you quickly change directions without losing speed or control. To execute this type of wavedash, press the jump button twice in one direction before quickly switching directions. This allows you to quickly juke out of tight situations or make quick direction changes during fast-paced games.

In conclusion

These five different types of wavedashes all have their unique uses and applications. Mastering each of these techniques will give you a substantial advantage in any game of Rocket League. This is one technique Psyonix built into the game that you can use to help climb the competitive ranks.

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