How to make your own Wonder Woman costume

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Wonder Woman is back

Picture of a Wonder Woman action figure
Thinking about dressing up as a great heroine for your next cosplay? In this post, we’ll show you how to cosplay by making your own Wonder Woman costume!

Wonder Woman is one of the most iconic female superheroes around and has been since her introduction over 75 years ago. She was created by DC Comics way back in 1941 and quickly became known for her independence and strong-willed character. She struck down the “damsel in distress” stigma that most leading female characters at that time assumed. Instead, Wonder Woman earned her reputation for never backing down from a challenge and having the ability to rescue herself from conflicts, instead of needing a man to save her. She also has become known as being quite the diplomat, preferring to work things out with words rather than a fight or conflict. 

While Wonder Woman has been around for quite some time, she was only recently catapulted into popular culture with her roles in the live action films, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016) and Wonder Woman (2017). We can thank these two box office hits for bringing Wonder Woman back to relevance. Both movies received a mostly positive response from critics, and some even called Wonder Woman the best DC Extended Universe film to-date. Suddenly, Wonder Woman was cool again, and women and girls all over the globe began to idolize her.

As her popularity has grown and she has once again become a household name, Wonder Woman has also become a hit in the world of cosplay. Fans and admirers are jumping at the chance to dress up as her at various conventions and gaming events. And they are all over the internet, sharing their own Wonder Woman cosplay on various social media sites like Reddit and Twitter. 

If you’re looking to join the bandwagon and make your own Wonder Woman costume, then you’ve come to the right place. Whether you want to go with the classic look or with the new and modern twist, you’ll find everything you’ll need to put together your cosplay for Wonder Woman. 

  • Classic Wonder Woman
    • Red corset
    • Blue and white bottoms
    • Red cape
    • Gold tiara
    • Gold arm gauntlets
    • Gold belt
    • Gold lasso
    • Red and white boots
  • New Age Wonder Woman
    • Metallic red corset, blue skirt & burnished gold belt
    • Burnished gold tiara
    • Burnished gold arm cuff
    • Burnished gold arm gauntlets
    • Shield
    • Sword
    • Red and gold boots

Read below to find out the next steps in bringing your Wonder Woman costume to life!

Create your own Wonder Woman costume

When it comes to making your own Wonder Woman costume, you’ll first need to decide if you want to go with the old-school classic Wonder Woman look that’s been around since the 1940s or the more modernized look that was popularized in the 2017 film. While both have similar features and components, they each have their own unique style and accessories. 

In this article, we’ve broken down each component of Wonder Woman’s costume with recommendations for both looks. So whether you want to go with the old-school or the fresh and modern version, you’ll find everything you’ll need right here. With the recommendations below, you should be on your way to transforming into Wonder Woman in no time. 

The classic Wonder Woman

The classic version of Wonder Woman is modeled off of the 1970 television series starring Lynda Carter and has been widely adopted in various animated movies and tv shows that include Wonder Woman. Chances are you’ve probably seen this look at least once! It draws a lot of inspiration from the American flag, with having multiple pieces of the outfit that are red, white and blue. Here’s everything you’ll need to put the classic Wonder Woman costume to life:

Red corset

A signature feature of the traditional Wonder Woman look is the bright red corset top she wears. Sometime’s you’ll see the corset feature the yellow Wonder Woman logo with two W’s on the chest. Here are some of our two picks for Wonder Woman’s red corset:

Blue and white bottoms

Another well-known component of the traditional Wonder Woman look is her blue bottoms with white stars on them. If you’re picturing the American flag right now, then you’re pretty spot on. While the most accurate type of bottoms is the high waisted, v-cut bottoms, which show off Wonder Woman’s legs, we’ve also seen quite a few different styles of bottoms like shorts and leggings. We’ve included some of our favorites below:

Red cape

In some depictions of the classic Wonder Woman, she is seen wearing a bright red cap, hanging from her neck and draping over her back. The cape typically has the yellow Wonder Woman logo on the center of the back as well. It’s not typically a super long cape, ending somewhere near the lower back. These are a couple of spot-on Wonder Woman capes that we’ve found:

Gold tiara

Part of what makes Wonder Woman so recognizable is the gold tiara that sits on top of her head. it is extremely simple, with only a single red star set in the middle of the crown. What makes this tiara unique is that it sits on Wonder Woman’s forehead, covering a good part of the top of her face. It’s not every day you see crowns like this! Here are our top recommendations for Wonder Woman’s gold tiara:

Gold arm gauntlets

To match her golden tiara, Wonder Woman also wears a set of gold arm gauntlets (also known as cuffs). They also each have a single red star on the middle of them, which is consistent with what we see on her tiara. Here are a few excellent arm gauntlet options for you to look at: 

Gold belt

Wonder Woman also wears a shiny gold belt right on top of her blue and white shorts, where the red corset meets. The belt matches the same color as her tiara and arm gauntlets. In some cases, you might be able to find shorts with the belt already attached, but if not, here are a few belt options:

Gold lasso

In some versions of classic Wonder Woman, you’ll find her equipped with a golden lasso that typically hangs from her belt. If you’re interested in making your costume a bit more fun, consider purchasing this awesome light-up Wonder Woman Lasso.

Red and white boots

To top off your classic Wonder Woman, you’ll need to pick up a pair of sexy red and white boots. The boots are primarily red and have a vertical white stripe going down the center of the front. Here are a few fantastic Wonder Woman boots for you to consider:

And if you prefer to go with an all red boot, with a bit of a gold touch, check out these boots:

Accessory sets

In case you need to buy multiple accessories for your classic Wonder Woman costume, you can also look at purchasing her accessories in sets. We’ve assembled a few accessory sets for you here:

Full costume sets

If you’re looking for a one-stop solution for your classic Wonder Woman costume, there are also several great options of fully assembled, ready-to-go costume sets for you to purchase. These are fantastic because you don’t have to buy each component piece by piece. Check them out:

The new age Wonder Woman

The new and modern Wonder Woman look is inspired by the latest DC Comics movies that stars Gal Gaddot. 

Metallic red corset, blue skirt & burnished gold belt

In the new Wonder Woman look, she still dons a red corset, but it’s darker than it was previously and has a metallic shine on it. She also loses the white stars on her bottoms and instead wears a metallic blue skirt. And you can’t forget her gold belt that sits on her waist. Except for this time the gold is burnished and is a more dull and dark color than we’ve previously seen.

As a whole, her outfit is less flashy than the classic version and takes on the appearance that it is a form of body armor. We haven’t really been able to find decent options for a separate corset, skirt, and belt, so we instead recommend options that include all three in a set or have combined them into a dress. Check them out:

Burnished gold tiara

Wonder Woman’s new tiara is very similarly styled to her old piece of head jewelry. It still sits on her forehead instead of on the top of her head. It’s also very simple with a single star etched into the metal. The major difference is that the color is a burnished gold metal, which matches her gold cuffs, arm gauntlets, and belt. Here are a couple of great options for Wonder Woman’s tiara:

Burnished gold arm cuff

One addition in the new look Wonder Woman is the appearance of a metal arm cuff on her upper arm, right above her elbow. In the movie, she wears the arm cuff on her left arm. The color is a burnished gold and matches her tiara and arm gauntlets. We recommend choosing either of the options below, although the first one is more accurate:

Burnished gold arm gauntlets

To top off her arm accessories, Wonder Woman also wears arm gauntlets, which are a form of armor. They are, of course, the same burnished gold material and color as the rest of her accessories. Her arm gauntlets cover her entire forearms, up to her elbows, and she wears one of each arm. We’ve only really been able to find one solid pair of Deluxe Arm Gauntlets, so make sure to check them out!


In the new Wonder Woman movies, she is equipped with a new shield to defend herself from attackers. The shield is circular and is made out of the same burnished gold metal as the rest of her accessories. Here are some great options for Wonder Woman’s shield:


When Wonder Woman isn’t using her shield to defend herself, she uses her sword to fight against her attackers. The sword has a long silver blade and a beautiful burnished gold handle that matches the rest of her accessories. If you’re looking to add this awesome accessory addition to your cosplay, check out these swords: 

Red and gold boots

The boots that the new school Wonder Woman wears include a heavy amount of gold burnished armor. These boots also include a heel of some sort and extend all the way up and over the knee of Wonder Woman. While there aren’t too many authentic options out there, here are two spot-on options for you to look at:

Accessory sets

Sometimes it is easier to buy your accessories in a bundled set rather than piece by piece. If this sounds like something you’d be interested in doing, check out these bundled accessory sets for Wonder Woman:

Full costume sets

Some of you may find yourselves really unwilling to piece together your own Wonder Woman costume. If this is you, don’t worry, several vendors offer full costume sets complete with Wonder Woman’s outfit and accessories that you can purchase. Here are our top suggestions for these type of sets:

Next up: your very own Wonder Woman costume

Now that you’ve read this full guide on how to create a Wonder Woman costume, you are now on your way to transforming into this legendary superhero. Whether you go with her traditional or modernized look, you can’t go wrong by dressing up as this timeless heroine. And hopefully, our suggestions gave you a great starting point for assembling everything you need for this cosplay. We wish you the best of luck!

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