Princess Peach Costume: How to Make Your Own

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Peach is the Original Princess of Gaming.

Peach is well-known as the beloved leader of the Mushroom Kingdom. In this post, we’ll show you how to cosplay by making your own Princess Peach costume!

When it comes to the famous females of gaming, most of us can’t help but think of Princess Peach. However, she was initially known as Princess Toadstool; the name Princess Peach quickly overtook it and has stuck around for quite some time now. 

Casually, she is often just called Peach, and she is the Princess of the Mushroom Kingdom, a fictional land in the Super Mario video game franchise, where she resides in her castle and her Toads, who are her loyal servants.

Peach is frequently depicted as the damsel-in-distress who must be saved throughout most Mario games. Her kingdom is constantly under attack by the evil Bowser and his Koopa Troop, and Mario and his friends must come to save her. She’s also quite well-known as Mario’s love interest, as he always vies for her love and affection. 

Over the years, Peach has become much more self-sufficient and independent. She’s becoming less of a damsel and more of a hero and is now considered one of the main characters of the Mario franchise. Her signature color is, of course, pink, which reflects her gentle nature and kind personality. But she’s not a passive, subdued princess because she’s also known for being a bit stubborn!

Princess Peach has become one of the most popular and famous female gaming characters, becoming a frequent go-to for cosplayers worldwide. She is a genuinely beloved character, and her admirers enjoy dressing up as her at various conventions and events and sharing their depictions all over social media.

So, if you want to join in and make your own Princess Peach costume, look no further. This guide has compiled recommendations for each part of Princess Peach’s look. 

Read below for the next steps in bringing your Princess Peach costume to life!

Create Your Own Princess Peach Costume

Making a Princess Peach costume is relatively straightforward. Her full-on look consists of less than ten items, some of which are optional, meaning this should be simple for you to put together. You’ll notice that her costume resembles the look of a traditional princess, with a long, puffy gown, a crown, and long white gloves. She also has some serious jewelry and gems!

With just a few of these items, you can transform into the Princess of the Mushroom Kingdom in no time.

Here’s everything you’ll need to create your very own Princess Peach costume:

  • Pink dress
  • Gold crown
  • White gloves
  • Blue amulet
  • Blue earrings
  • Blonde wig
  • Pink umbrella
  • Red shoes

Princess Peach’s Pink Dress

The most signature part of Princess Peach’s look is her gorgeous pink dress. The dress looks like a traditional princess dress, with multiple layers, puffed-out shoulders, and a flared skirt. Her dress is best described as a ball gown that looks like it comes straight from Cinderella’s kingdom. 

We typically see Peach in a long dress that covers almost her entire body, so our top recommendations below are extended full-length options. We also have included some shorter options if you’d prefer those. 

Princess Peach’s Gold Crown

What makes a princess? None other than her crown! Princess Peach’s crown is pretty simple. It is predominantly gold, has four spikes, and alternating blue and red gems embedded. She is never seen without it on top of her head! Here is the best Princess Peach Crown option that we’ve found.

Princess Peach’s White Gloves

Part of Peach’s signature look is her long white gloves that cover her hands. They make her look elegant and classy. The gloves typically go all the way up her forearm, even past her elbow, and end just below where the sleeves of her dress are cut off. These are some of the best glove options that we’ve found for your perfect Princess Peach costume:

Princess Peach’s Blue Amulet

Peach’s look also includes a bit of jewelry! Her most prominent gem is a blue amulet, which sits right in the middle of her chest at the bottom of her neckline. It’s affixed to her gorgeous pink dress, and the jewel itself is outlined with a gold metal border, in which the blue gem sits.

While there are not a ton of options out there, we’ve found a couple of options for you to look at:

Princess Peach’s Blue Earrings

The Princess of the Mushroom Kingdom also dons some beautiful blue earrings that match her amulet. They are round-shaped spheres that dangle just a bit below her earlobes. The earrings are also quite large, almost the size of her ears. These two options for earrings that we’ve found are pretty spot on and accurate:

Princess Peach’s Blonde Wig

Another signature part of Princess Peach is none other than her gorgeous long blonde locks. Her hair is a bright yellow blonde, extending down her back, stopping just about at the top of her buttocks. Since we’re assuming that most people don’t have the beautiful long blonde hair that Peach does, you’ll likely have to purchase a wig for your costume. We’ve found some great wig choices and recommend the following:

Princess Peach’s Pink Umbrella

Princess Peach is sometimes seen with a pink parasol umbrella that she uses to glide when she jumps. Her umbrella is beautifully detailed and matches the pretty pink color of her dress. 

While this is not necessarily a mandatory piece of a Princess Peach costume, we recommend adding it in there! Here are some of our top pink parasol options for you to check out:

Princess Peach’s Red Shoes

The final piece to Princess Peach’s costume is her beautiful red heels that peak out from under her long pink dress. While we don’t see her heels too often because they are covered, we know that they are beautiful, bright red, and look like closed-toe heel pumps. You won’t go wrong with any of these red heel options below:

You’re now ready to become Princess Peach

And just like that, you now have everything you’ll need to put together your very own Princess Peach costume. With the help of our recommendations above, you will be on your way to transforming into this Nintendo princess in no time. We wish you the best of luck in bringing your Princess Peach costume to life!

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