How To Make Your Own Poison Ivy Costume (Death Kiss Edition)

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Poison Ivy Will Make You Green With Envy

Picture of Cosplayer dressed in Poison Ivy costume
Want to dress up as one of the most iconic female supervillains around? In this post, we’ll show you how to cosplay by making your own Poison Ivy costume!

DC Comics has produced some of the most iconic female super-villains in the history of comics and cartoons. Generations of admirers grew up in a world where the likes of Harley Quinn, Catwoman, and Poison Ivy gave Batman more troubles than he could ever seem to handle. And when it comes to Batman, many cosplayers often gravitate more to his many female nemeses, more so than the caped crusader himself. Why? Because these strong female super-villains are smart, seductive, brutal, and can bring even the most powerful man down to his knees. Although you are probably familiar with cosplays for Harley Quinn and Catwoman, there is one more cosplay that you must add to your repertoire, and her name is Poison Ivy.

Poison Ivy happens to be one of the most infamous female villains around. Most cosplayers recognize Poison Ivy from Uma Thurman’s portrayal in the 1997 live-action film, Batman & Robin. However, she was originally introduced to the Batman comic series way back in 1966. She started out as a regular Gotham City botanist known as Pamela Lillian Isley, who was passionate about plants, botany, and environmentalism. But after a near-death experience, she evolved into one of the most notorious eco-terrorists around, using plant toxins to fuel her criminal activities. Over the years, she has been frequently portrayed as Batman and Robin’s love interest and has even teamed up with fellow female supervillains, Harley Quinn and Catwoman to stir up some trouble. 

Because she has now been around for quite some time, a Poison Ivy costume is a frequent go-to choice for cosplayers around the world. This cosplay is a great option because you can really make it as simple or complex as you would like to.

So if you’re looking to join in and make your own Poison Ivy costume, then you’ve come to the right place. In the rest of this post, we go through each piece of her outfit and give you exactly what you’ll need to put together your very own Poison Ivy costume!

  • Green outfit
  • Red wig
  • Green mask
  • Green arm gloves
  • Green ivy
  • Green shoes

What you need for your Poison Ivy costume

The beauty of doing a Poison Ivy costume is that it requires very few pieces. This is probably one of the simplest cosplays you’ll ever see. Within only six different items needed, it should take you very little time to assemble your full costume. Here’s everything you’ll need:

Green outfit

Although Poison Ivy’s look has evolved over the years, she is always seen wearing a green one-piece outfit adorned with ivy leaves. The style has varied tremendously, and the shade of green always differs. As long as you find something that is all green, you really can’t go wrong. Below, we’ve provided several recommendations ranging from sexy corsets to one piece jumpsuits and leggings. Check them out:

Red wig

Aside from all of the green detail in her outfit, Poison Ivy is well-known for her fiery red hair. In most depictions, it’s a bright red color, extending well past her shoulders with soft waves and curls. Since most people don’t naturally have beautiful long fire red locks, we’re going to assume that the majority of cosplayers will require a wig. Here are some of the top red wig options we’ve found for your Poison Ivy cosplay: 

Green mask

In some cases, Poison Ivy is seen wearing an eye mask around her eyes. If you saw Uma Thurman in Batman & Robin, then you’ll probably recognize this mask easily. In the movie, the mask was an orange color and took the shape of leaves that extended over her eyebrows. Over time, the mask has evolved, changing colors and shapes as cosplayers put their own spin on Poison Ivy. The following mask options are all great choices for your Poison Ivy costume:

Green arm gloves

Another regular part of Poison Ivy’s full outfit is a pair of long green gloves that cover up her forearms. While this is certainly not a necessary piece, it is a simple and easy addition. The length, style, and material of gloves are entirely up to your preference, but the color should match the same green color of the outfit you choose. We’ve found a few glove choices for you to check out:

Green ivy

Perhaps the recognizable part of Poison Ivy is the ivy vines that extend over her limbs. In nearly every depiction of her, you can’t miss all of the ivies that wraps various parts of her body. For example, if you’d like you can wrap ivy around each of your legs or create an ivy crown to place atop your head. The nice part of cosplay is every part of your costume is up to you, so you have the freedom to put as much or as little ivy as you’d like. And luckily, you have some great options for artificial ivy vines that we’ve compiled for you below:

And if you’d rather find a pre-assembled option with vines already integrated into the outfit, check out this amazing Poison Ivy Cape.

Green shoes

To top off your Poison Ivy costume, you’ll want to find a nice pair of matching green shoes. There isn’t a single correct shoe option, so you have the luxury of being able to choose what you think looks best and fits most comfortably. Below, we’ve included some excellent options for both green heels and boots for you to look at:

Full Poison Ivy costume options

If the thought of assembling your own cosplay gives you a headache, you may want to consider purchasing a ready-to-go costume set. These are fabulous options if you just want to be able to open the package, put everything on, and walk out the door. And luckily, there are plenty out there for you to choose from. Here are some of our favorites:

Your Poison Ivy costume is waiting

Hopefully, by now, you feel much more equipped to make your own Poison Ivy costume. As you can see, this cosplay doesn’t require too many pieces, meaning it should be relatively easy and quick for you to put together. Within a matter of minutes, you can have all the pieces of Poison Ivy’s outfit ordered and on the way to your house. We wish you the best of luck in bringing this plant-loving female supervillain to life!

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