How to Make Your Own Booette Costume

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Dazzle the Crowd with a Booette Costume

Booette managed to amass a significant following of passionate fans worldwide and has become an artistic inspiration for cosplayers. Dressed in all white with seductive ghoulish sexiness, Booette transformed from King Boo when she got hold of the Super Crown. Many cosplayers have created their version of a Booette costume with its spin and unique characteristics, which is the beauty of this ghostly princess.

So, if you’re considering dressing up as Booette, you have much room for creativity. And luckily for you, we’ve gathered all of our top recommendations for the components of her costume below. 

Here’s what you’ll need to put together your own Booette costume:

  • White Apparel
  • Super Crown
  • White Garter Choker
  • Wig
  • Amulet
  • White Gloves
  • Shoes
  • Earrings
  • Fangs
  • Colored Eye Lenses
  • Tights or Stockings

The Background of Booette

You couldn’t have been more wrong if you thought the Bowsette craze would crash and burn quickly. Within days of Bowsette’s birth on the internet, fans created yet another character mashup that has become another viral sensation: Booette (also sometimes called Boosette). Dressed in all white with seductive ghoulish sexiness, Booette transformed from King Boo when she got hold of the Super Crown. 

Booette has pasty white skin and oozes a devilish innocence that could fool many a lusting person to their immediate doom. Her flowing white hair and capacity to lick her lips flash her pink tongue, and sharp teeth strike pangs of desire and fear into suitors and passersby alike. 

She appears so pure with magenta-colored eyes and a long all-white dress, but can you trust her icy cold hands when they come upon your neck?

Create Your Own Booette Costume

As mentioned, there’s no correct way to dress up as Booette. The beauty of cosplay is that there is no right answer, and you can add your touch to each character you dress up as. However, there are a few components to Booette that you really can’t leave out of your outfit. We call these necessities meaning they are “must-haves.”

Anything else is considered an extra, which is a “nice-to-have.” And that’s precisely how we’ve split up our post, so you know exactly what you’ll need for your Booette costume and what is considered an extra.


The “must-haves” for your Booette costume

White Apparel

A signature piece of Booette’s look is her white apparel. In most depictions, she is wearing a long, flowing white gown, which looks like an old-school wedding gown. The dress also closely resembles a Medieval or Renaissance Chemise dress. 

In other depictions, though, this white outfit becomes a lot more skimpy and sexy and covers up way less. So, depending on the type of Booette look you’re going for, you have a few options for what you can wear. We’ve divided our recommendations below based on the type of outfit.

Super Crown

The Super Crown is perhaps one of the most critical parts of the Booette costume because it’s what allows King Boo to transform into the female human version of himself. Without the Super Crown, there is no Booette! Here are some great Super Crown options for you to check out:

White Garter Choker

In almost all depictions of Booette, she is wearing a white choker necklace resembling a wedding garter. It typically matches the same look and feel as her white clothing. The choker is also where Booette places her amulet jewel (see below), which goes right in the front and center. 

You have plenty of options when it comes to choosing Booette’s choker because there are so many wedding garters for sale. Here are our top favorites:


One prominent feature that makes Booette stand out is her hair. She has long, flowing platinum white locks that help complete her signature look. You really can’t transform into Booette without this in your costume. 

Since it’s rare for anyone to have this color hair naturally, we’re assuming the overwhelming majority of cosplayers will need to purchase a wig that resembles Booette’s hair. If you’re in this boat, rest assured because there are some great options for you to choose from:


Booette’s amulet is a large jewel typically attached to her white choker necklace or on the top of her outfit, in the center of the chest (right where the cleavage line is). The color of it depends on your preference, but in the majority of depictions, it is either purple or red. We’ve shared some of the top amulet options with you below:

White Gloves

The last feature that you can’t miss on your Booette costume is none other than her long white gloves. These gloves are also a signature look of Princess Peach. They cover her hands and typically go all the way up to her elbows. Luckily, there are a ton of options for you to choose from, such as these here:


Booette’s costume wouldn’t be complete without a solid pair of shoes to go along with it. And you have plenty of choices and options to choose from when it comes to her shoes! Whether you prefer boots or heels, here’s what we suggest to go along with your costume:


Add these to enhance your Booette costume

Now that you have all the necessities out of the way, you can look to add some of these to your Booette costume if you want to complete your outfit.


Not all depictions of Booette include earrings, but these round out her look. The idea is that her earrings match the color of her amulet. This match is the same with Princess Peach, who has her signature large, circular blue earrings. They dangle just below her earlobes.

Booette’s earrings should look the same, just in a different color, usually purple or red. So, if your ears are pierced, we recommend checking out some of these earrings below.

These earrings are small compared to the size of what most depictions of Booette have. If you’d like bigger earrings, we’d recommend creating your own by going to the local craft store!


Some versions of Booette show her with fangs like a vampire. Luckily, this is an effortless feature to add to your cosplay, as long as you don’t mind something being attached to your teeth for a while! Here are some great Fang options for you to choose from:

Colored Eye Lenses

If you really want to enhance your Booette look, you should consider getting colored eye lenses to match the color you’re choosing for her amulet and earrings. Always remember to exercise caution when placing items into your eyes! Check out these great colored eye lenses to add to your cosplay:

Tights or Stockings

The final piece of the Booette costume that is optional is wearing white stockings or tights. These will be especially useful if you wear a short dress or revealing lingerie. These are some of the best options for white tights or stockings:

You’re ready to make your own Booette costume.

Now that you’ve gone through this complete list, you know everything you’ll need to complete your Booette costume. And you’ll be on your way to transforming into this ghostly princess within no time!

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