How To Make Your Own Ashe Overwatch Costume

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Overwatch’s Vixen From The Wild West Is Ashe

Illustration of Overwatch character Ashe dressed in her wild west attire
Want to be one of the hottest villains in gaming for your next cosplay? In this post, we’ll show you how to cosplay by making your own Ashe Overwatch costume!

Overwatch has done it once again! At Blizzcon 2018, they introduced the latest hero in the smash-hit video game, and we must admit, she’s pretty badass. This gunslinging sharpshooter straight out of the wild west is known as Ashe, and she happens to be the ambitious and calculating leader of the Deadlock Gang, a group of rebels hailing from the American Southwest.

Ashe has quickly taken the internet by storm. Overwatch fans have already fallen in love with her, which can be seen through the thousands of fan art illustrations and cosplay photos posted on social media sites like Twitter and Reddit. 

So if you’re looking to make your own Ashe Overwatch costume, then you’ve come to the right place. This article has laid out each part of her outfit, including all accessories. Here’s exactly what you’ll need to put together your Ashe cosplay:

  • Brown cowboy hat
  • Red tie
  • White blouse
  • Brown leather vest
  • Brown leather pants
  • Brown leather belt
  • Grenade pouch
  • Brown leather gloves
  • Gold bracelet
  • Platinum white wig
  • Brown and gold rifle prop
  • Grenade props
  • Brown and gold boots
  • Brown earrings
  • Red-eye contacts
  • Black nail polish

Check out the rest of this post to see what it will take to make your own Ashe costume!

What you need for your Ashe costume

Ashe is a bit more of complex cosplay because of all of the intricate details that go into her costume and accessories. In total, this cosplay will consist of over 15 separate items. Most of her outfit looks like it comes straight out of the wild west, such as her cowboy hat and leather vest and gloves. She also has a serious weapons arsenal that includes a semi-automatic rifle and hand grenades.

Once you assemble all of the items on the list below, you’ll be well on your way to bringing your Ashe costume to life. Here’s what you’ll need:

Brown cowboy hat

The first item on the list for Ashe’s costume is her large brown cowboy hat. It sits perfectly on top of her head, and she’s never seen without it! The hate is a deep chocolate brown color and appears to be made out of leather. The unique part about it is the gold emblem that is placed in the center of the front of the hat. While we’re not yet quite sure what it represents, it appears that it is something with wings. Unfortunately, it’s too soon to be able to find a hat with that emblem on it. So for now, you’ll need to create your own! Here are some great options for Ashe’s brown cowboy hat:


Red tie

Next up is the signature red tie that Ashe wears. It’s tied tightly around her neck and includes some gold jewels. Two of these jewels are circular and are placed on the outside of the knot. The other is a diamond-shaped golden jewel that is positioned near the point of the tie. There isn’t yet a pre-made tie that has these jewels on it, but these should be simple enough to find and glue on yourself. Make sure to check out these red ties:


White blouse

At the base of her outfit, Ashe wears a white long-sleeved collared blouse. She rolls up the sleeves to her elbows and pops her collar out to add to her sassy, edgy look. And to top it off, the white color of her shirt almost perfectly matches her hair.  These are some spot-on blouse options for you to check out:

Brown leather vest

Sitting on top of her white blouse and red tie is a sexy vest that perfectly wraps around all of her curves. Ashe’s vest is made out of brown leather and features both leather straps and a golden zipper. The front of the vest stops right around her hips, but the back of it extends all the way down to her knees, like a cape. Most importantly, the back of her vest features the logo of the Deadlock Gang, which is a group of rebels who traffic illicit weapons and military hardware in the American southwest.

While you’re probably not going to be able to find an exact match of her vest for a while, the options below are great substitutes for your costume:

Brown leather pants

To match her vest and hat, Ashe also wears tight-fitting brown leather pants that perfectly hug her waist and thighs. The color of her pants perfectly matches the rest of the leather on her outfit. We’ve found the following brown leather pants that you can easily use in your Ashe costume:


Brown leather belt

Another key part of Ashe’s outfit is her brown leather belt, which sits on her waist, right above her hips and right under her vest. The best is brown and has gold hardware, which of course, matches the rest of her outfit. Her belt also serves as a utility belt of some sort as she stores her hand grenades in pouches that are attached to it.  You won’t go wrong with any of the following choices for Ashe’s belt:


Grenade pouch

As we mentioned above, Ashe stores her hand grenades in a grenade pouch that is attached to the right side of her belt. She has three grenades on her at all times, which are each placed in a separate pouch that are all connected to each other. We recommend adding any of the following grenade pouches to your Ashe cosplay:


Brown leather gloves

If you thought Ashe couldn’t add more leather to her outfit, you were wrong. To top it off, she wears fingerless brown leather gloves that cover up her hands. They only cover up about half of her fingers, so that she can easily grab on to her various weapons and show off her black nails. The follow gloves are all great options for your costume:

Gold bracelet

On her left wrist, Ashe also wears a gold bangle bracelet. It sits at the bottom of her gloves and, of course, matches the color of the rest of her gold jewels and accessories on her outfit. This accessory is a nice and simple addition to her outfit. Here are some great options for Ashe’s gold bracelet:


Platinum white wig

A signature part of Ashe is her beautiful platinum white hair. It’s relatively short, ending just about at her shoulders and is cut at a slant, where the longest part is in the front. We’re assuming that most of you don’t have platinum white hair, so you’ll have to rely on purchasing a wig to bring your Ashe cosplay to life. These are a few wigs that could work for your costume:

Brown and gold rifle prop

Ashe’s signature weapon is her gold and brown semi-automatic rifle, which is called The Viper. It’s a pretty large gun, but Ashe makes shooting it look so easy! The majority of the rifle is brown, but it also has a lot of intricate gold detailing on it. While there aren’t very many replica gun props just yet for Ashe’s rifle, any of the following gun props should work for your costume:


Grenade props

Ashe also uses hand grenades in addition to her rifle. As we mentioned earlier, she is always ready-to-go and stocked with three grenades that are stored in a pouch on her belt. Either of these hand grenade props will work for your Ashe costume:

Brown and gold boots

To round out her cowgirl look, Ashe wears a pair of beautiful brown and gold leather riding boots. Her actual boots are quite detailed, and feature gold crisscrossed laces on the front. While we haven’t found any options quite yet that perfectly match her exact boots, any of the boots below should work for your Ashe costume:


Brown earrings

Unlike the rest of her accessories, Ashe wears very simple brown earrings. They are small brown circular studs that are barely noticeable unless you look very close. Here are some spot-on earrings options that you can easily add to your Ashe costume:

Black nail polish

The final touch to your Ashe cosplay will be painting your fingernails black. While it may seem simple, this is a key feature to Ashe’s look, and surely cannot be forgotten. We recommend any of the following black nail polishes:


You’re ready to create your own Ashe costume

Now that you’ve gone through our entire list, you’re officially ready to transform yourself into Overwatch’s hottest vixen, Ashe. While assembling this cosplay certainly isn’t a walk in the park, if you follow the complete guide above, you’ll be on your way to creating your very own accurate Ashe cosplay in no-time. Good luck!

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