Gaming Glasses (Why You Need A Pair)

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In the world of gaming, the vast majority of performance gear is optional. If you want to improve your comfort while gaming then invests in a solid gaming chair. For a more sturdy and stylish setup, you might consider a new gaming desk. Or if you want to really crank up the sound, splurge on a decent pair of gaming headphones. While all these upgrades can positively impact your performance, there is only one upgrade that should be included in every gamer’s arsenal. Gaming glasses.

The truth is, while you may be under heavy attack during a heated Apex Legends matchup, your eyes are usually ones taking the biggest beating from the Blue light emissions coming from your monitor. And even though your eyes may feel fine after a short break, the science of Blue light indicates that the long-term exposure to the eyes without protection is simply no Bueno (not good). In this article, we will break down everything you need to know about gaming glasses, why they’re needed, and which are the best.

What Are Gaming Glasses?

What are gaming glasses and why should you care

Not to completely bypass the obvious and overcomplicate things, gaming glasses are bifocals that help reduce eye strain and irritation caused by Blue Light emissions. Gaming glasses help filter out the blue wavelengths that are emitted from televisions, computer monitors, and other LED lighting sources.

When your eyes start to feel irritated or have a burning sensation, the chances are that the Blue light from your monitor has been hitting your eyes with a series of jabs and uppercuts. Although this may not appear to be a big deal in the short-term, over the long haul, it could have a substantial impact on your eyes, causing a range of different issues. Gaming glasses are a great way to help provide relief from these issues. However, we see you are not yet completely sold on getting a pair. Ok, let’s dig a little deeper.

Blue Light Emissions Explained: Back To Science Class

Blue light color spectrum explains how gaming glasses work

Now, just to briefly scratch the surface of the science behind the spectrum of light to help further illustrate the problem, visible light is composed of varying wavelengths of different colors (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet light). Not only do these colors have different wavelengths, but they also have varying levels of energy intensity. Do you vaguely recall this lesson from a high-school science class? We didn’t!

These colors combine together to form white light, which is also why sunlight appears to be the color white to the naked eye. Similar to the Sun, your computer or TV monitor also emits this white light. However, what you cannot see with your naked eye are the individual colors of the spectrum. The color blue happens to be one of those colors within the spectrum.

Blue light wavelengths are on the shorter end of the spectrum in terms of length but have much higher energy then, let’s say, the color red. Think of Blue light as the automatic weapon of light. It rapid fires waves of higher energy wavelengths towards a target. In this case, your eyes.

What Effect Does Blue Light Have On The Eyes?

Effect of Blue light emission on the eyes

Interestingly, Blue light on its own isn’t a major concern. In fact, as we stated previously, sunlight is actually composed in part of Blue light. Remember, white light is composed of different colors that have different wavelengths…Ok, we think you understand at this point. However, concerns of Blue light emissions come into play with gaming specifically because of the length of time staring at computer or television monitors that emit Blue light, and your close proximity to those monitors. 

Let’s be honest, when you are down to the last few players in a Fornite or Apex Legends match, you are probably more likely to sit or lean closer to the computer monitor as the intensity heats up. Even if you always maintain the same distance away from your monitor, those high energy Blue wavelengths reach your eyes with ease, putting a ton of strain on the different regions of your eyes such as cornea, lens, and retina. Long-term and consistent exposure to Blue light by the naked eyes can lead to problems such as digital eye strain, sleep disruption, and even retina damage.

Do Gaming Glasses Work?

Gaming glasses work

The short answer is yes, gaming glasses work well at filtering and reducing Blue light emissions from LED light sources. Of course, like anything else, you should make sure you purchase gaming glasses from well-known manufacturers.

Are Gaming Glasses Worth it?

Yes, they are worth it for the majority of chronic gamers. Did you read above when we discussed digital eyestrain and retina damage? In reality, the price of most pairs of gaming glasses is anywhere between $20 to $100. The long term associated benefits should far outweigh the cost.

What Are Gamer Eyes?

If you are a hardcore gamer than there is a strong possibility you have had a bad case of gamer eyes at some point. Gamer eyes are another name for the effects of digital eye strain such as having dry, sore, or heavily irritated eyes. Although this condition doesn’t appear to be a medical term, the Urban Dictionary provides a definition.

Can Video Games Improve My Eyesite?

Can video games improve eye site?

There have been several studies over the recent decades about the effects of video games on perception, attention, and cognition. Past research has indicated that video games can improve certain aspects of vision such as Enhanced Contrast Sensitivity Function.

Best Gaming Glasses

Gaming glasses can come in a variety of shapes, styles, and colors. The most important functional aspect is that they block the majority of Blue Light emissions, and are comfortable so that you wear them consistently. Other good qualities to look for in a pair of gaming glasses is UV and anti-glare protection Here are a few of our top picks available on Amazon:

Upgrade Your Eyes And Performance With Gaming Glasses

Now that you know more about gaming glasses it’s time to upgrade your equipment. No, not your frag grenades or sniper scope, but your eyes. Remember, you only get one pair of eyes so make them count!

[Infographic] To Explain Why Gaming Glasses Are A Must Have

[Infographic] To Explain Why Gaming Glasses Are A Must Have

Now is the time for you to get involved in the comments. What has your experience been with gaming glasses? Have you noticed a difference in your vision or performance? Let us know down in the comments or check out other gaming content!

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