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The addition of PUBG takes FACEIT to the next level

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FACEIT PUBG is making a ton of waves with gamers now that the two have finally linked up.

If you are a current gamer playing the likes of competitive online games like PUBG, LoL, CS:GO, DOTA 2, or Overwatch you will want to pay close attention. As the popularity of competitive online gaming continues to rise, gamers are looking for more ways to find more competitive matches and increased game performance. Well, gamer you should meet FACEIT, one of the fastest growing online competition platforms. In case you were still playing those native gameplay modes on your favorite game title’s server you are missing out. There’s an entire underground (or above ground depending who you ask) of gamers using FACEIT’s unique servers to find more competitive matches and test their skills against some of the best gamers around the planet. game-maker natively provides to its users.

What is FACEIT?

For those who don’t already know, FACEIT is an application that is made specifically for organizing tournaments with well-known competitive games such as CS: GO and League of Legends, and even extending to less conventional games like World of Tanks and NHL 18. If you play the integrated competitive modes in conventional games like CS: GO or Overwatch, you will more often than not experience teammates that are either extremely toxic or clearly not in your skill level. In general, if you don’t play with any friends, your team will most likely be very uncoordinated, and it will feel like you just can’t advance further. This is where FACEIT comes in, which allows you to play with players just as skilled as you. With it, matchmaking is much less frustrating and enables you to see who you are playing, making it easier to play with friends and make new ones in the process.

In addition, FACEIT automatically records your stats accumulated after your games, which feeds into its integrated leaderboards, leaving your matchmaking almost never in a stagnant phase. Finally, one key factor of FACEIT is its incentive process. If you do well and place high on one of FACEIT’s integrated tournaments, you will earn FACEIT points, a virtual currency of their own creation. With these points, you can buy in-game items as well as hardware from one of its sponsors. This incentive is enticing, to say the least, and genuinely creates a strong will to win games, subtly eliminating any chance of people “throwing” games to be funny and allowing for teammates that actually care as much about the game as you do.

How do you use it?

FACEIT is accessible through its website as well as its computer application. Opening FACEIT will bring you to certain leagues, ladders, as well as matchmaking. Joining a competition or league enable the player to earn prizes and other items such as in-game accessories. Simply press the play button on matchmaking will queue you up with other players depending on the game. In some games, team captains based on elo will be assigned to each team where they will choose players to choose from, maps, and servers.

When was it created and who uses it?

FACEIT was created in 2012, players who want to experience a safer environment when playing come to FACEIT for better servers and matchmaking. With an extra layer of protection in FACEIT’s anti-cheat, players have a more secure way of playing. FACEIT also offers 128 tick servers. These servers allow for a more accurate representation of the players’ position, which reduces the amount of ghosting. Players who also feel more competitive and want a challenge may participate in FACEIT’s leagues, where they can earn prizes and such.


Currently, FACEIT offers Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Dirty Bomb, Dota 2, Insidia, League of Legends, PUBG, Smite, TF2, and World of Tanks. Currently the most popular of the games on FACEIT would be CSGO. Having another extremely popular shooter and battle royale title like PUBG could increase the marketability and reputation of FACEIT. If PUBG FACEIT can be as successful as its CSGO division, FACEIT may gain the edge on other 3rd party matchmaking sites such as ESEA. This could lead to further development in FACEIT eventually leading to something bigger than a matchmaking service.


Back in PUBG’s initial release, it was rife with cheaters. Though it pioneered the Battle Royale genre, it has certainly not aged well. It still remains in the top charts, but many can agree that it has fallen out of grace. It remains a shell of its former self, overshadowed by more popular titles like Fortnite and occasionally the countless other titles piggybacking off the quickly dying genre. Now, FACEIT is teaming up with PUBG to eliminate those problems, with its anti-cheat system effectively attempting to eliminate the hacker situation entirely. In addition, there are numerous free events coming up in this week alone. If this attempt to revive the game works, we may see PUBG back in its heyday, back when it was a new and original concept with a beautiful emphasis on tactical combat and a refreshing take on shooter games.

The conclusion is that FACEIT is legit

Overall, FACEIT as a service accomplishes everything that players need in order to feel more secure while playing their games. With the addition of PUBG, players are now able to increase their competitive drive and vouch for something more than just a “Chicken Dinner.” With prizes to win, the stakes are higher, and PUBG is a great marketing stunt for FACEIT as a company. This new division of PUBG could bring greater success to the company which eventually will expand and grow even further.

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