Everything You Need to Know About Valorant Champions 2022

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It was announced that the World Championship for Valorant eSports will take place on August 31, 2022, the first day of competition for Valorant Champions 2022. Sixteen teams from different nations will compete for the Champions trophy and the cash prize. Like every year, Riot Games has promised to split the net proceeds from the Valorant Champions bundle’s sales with the participating teams.

Notably, this year Valorant fans and players will be able to purchase the Champions Phantom, which gives off a special vibe of its own, and the Champions package will be sold in the shop for a limited time. Riot also announced that players who tune in to the Valorant Champions 2022 broadcasts on Twitch and YouTube will be entered into a raffle for free drops from the event. Read on for specifics on the formats, venues, and rosters of all participating teams.


The Turkish city of Istanbul will play home to Riot Games’ VALORANT Champions 2022 competition this year. The VALORANT Globe Champion will be crowned at Champions Istanbul, the third stop of the 2022 VALORANT Champions Tour across the world. The Champion’s Trophy is the culmination of seven regional VCT tournaments where thousands of teams have competed. Stage 2 Masters 2022 was previously held in Copenhagen, Denmark, with FunPlus Phoenix coming out on top and taking home $200,000.

After a year, the VALORANT Champions Tour culminates in the annual Champions tournament. The tournament will be contested for the second time this year. Champions 2022 will run from September 2nd to the 18th and include 16 different teams.

Ten teams will qualify for the Champions event by accumulating points on the VCT circuit during the regular season. In August, a series of Last Chance Qualifier tournaments will determine the remaining six contenders. In the VCT North American LCQ, 100 Thieves defeated their regional rivals, the Guard, 3-0 to claim victory.

Tickets and Drops

Typically, tickets would be made available on the VCT website itself. Tickets, however, are often sold within a few days of the event. It’s possible, therefore, that you’ll need to visit several ticketing sites in order to get admission to the Istanbul VCT tournament. Volkswagen Arena Map in Istanbul is set to host the event. If you’re interested in going but need more information, like how much tickets will cost and where to get them, you may check out their website.

Valorant Champions 2022 allows players and spectators to acquire in-game prizes that are exclusive to the international competition, in addition to the Champions 2022 Collection and the Free Event Pass. These drops from Valorant Champions 2022 are absolutely free and may be obtained just by viewing a Valorant live broadcast of the event. However, you must complete prerequisites before you can start getting the drops.

As a result of the drops, participants in the Valorant Champions 2022 event will get a total of three free prizes. Incentives include a participant ID, a participation card, and a twig beauty.

Since gamers don’t want all of the rewards to drop at once, they need dedicated players to watch the broadcasts on the appointed days to earn those incentives.

Below is Insurrection Video Games’ (IVG) famous drop schedule:

  • From August 31st to September 13th, you may see “Fireplace.”
  • The 16th and 17th of September are the days to identify: Winners’ Curse Spray for the 2022 VCT Season.
  • On September 18th, you may purchase the 2022 VCT Champions Hero Card.

Format, Teams, and Groups

Following a round of group play structured similarly to the GSL, the top eight teams will compete in a single elimination tournament. First, we rated the teams based on their final placements in Challenger and Masters events and the strength of competition in each team’s home area. Following that, they were divided into four separate pools for the draw.

  • The first group consists of the following regions: North America (1), Europe (1), Asia Pacific (1), and Korea (1).
  • Pool #2 includes the following regions: North America 2, Europe, Middle East, and Latin America 2, and Japan.
  • Pool #3 includes the following regions: North America LCQ, Europe LCQ, Brazil 2, and Asia Pacific 2.
  • Pool #4 includes the South American LCQs 1 and 2, the Asian-Pacific LCQ, and the East Asian LCQ.

Then, each team in each pool was placed into one of four groups based on a random number generator (Groups A-D). At any point throughout the tournament, if a team was placed in a group that already had a team from their region, they were moved to the following group in alphabetical order.

If a team is not selected until the very end of its pool, it will be moved backward through the groups until a spot opens up in one of the groups that can actually use it. 

Once all the cards from a pool have been drawn and verified, the results from that deck are final and cannot be modified.

The 16 competitors needed to qualify have already done so, but the Last Chance Qualifiers give the remaining contenders a shot. During the group phase, the following structure will be implemented:

Each group has four teams:

  • Group A: Paper Rex, Edward Gaming, Leviatán, and Team Liquid
  • Group B: Optic Gaming, BOOM eSports, ZETA DIVISION, LOUD
  • Group C: FPX, KRÜ eSports, XSET, XERXIA
  • Group D: DRX, FURIA eSports, FNATIC, and 100Thieves.


Each category will have a total of four different teams competing. Two teams from each group will go on to the next round, and then a lottery will be used to decide where those teams would be placed in the final bracket.

Aside from the requirement that teams from the same group be put on opposite sides of the bracket, the other aspects of the bracket are open. In addition to this, individuals who are successful in becoming first seeds will be awarded a second seed that has not been selected as of yet.