DualSense Edge vs. Xbox Elite Series 2 Controller

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How do These Controllers Stack Up Against Each Other?

The Dual Sense Edge is PlayStation’s first foray into the high-end “pro” controller market, and the company announced Gamescom Opening Night Live. The DualSense Edge offers PlayStation users something comparable to the Elite controller lineup for the Xbox, more especially the Xbox Elite Wireless Series 2 controller.

Currently, there’s no information on pricing, when the product will be released, its dimensions, or its weight. However, PlayStation has provided a lot of information regarding the features that will be included in this controller, which has given us a better sense of what it is capable of.

Let’s take a look at the DualSense Edge’s specifications (so far), get further into its most notable features, and examine how it stacks up against the Xbox Elite Series 2, basic DualSense, and Xbox Wireless controllers. All of this will help us understand the DualSense Edge better. Besides

Price & Release Date

  • The DualSense Edge’s release date is set for January 26, 2023 at $199.99 
  • The Xbox Elite Series 2 has been on sale as of the 4th of November, 2019 and can be purchased for a suggested retail price of $180.00. To provide some context: The price of the regular wireless controller is $60.00.


DualSense Edge

The game controller comes with a carrying case, a braided USB-C cable, three different styles of interchangeable stick caps (regular, high round cap, and low round cap), and a standard-sized round cap.

The Xbox Elite Series 2 controller includes the following:

  • A USB-C cable
  • A carrying case
  • A charging station
  • Thumbstick adjustment tools
  • Six thumbsticks
  • Four paddles
  • Two directional pads

In addition, you can charge the controller through the charging station.

Ergonomics & Design

DualSense Edge

The DualSense Edge includes a black embossed touchpad and black buttons, in addition to glossy parts. It resembles the DualSense in appearance and functions quite similarly. Therefore, in terms of how it feels in hand, it ought to be comparable to how the DualSense feels.

Additionally, the controller has two replaceable back buttons and two Fn buttons below the thumbsticks. These buttons allow you to choose a different profile from a list of predefined options. The thumbsticks may be purchased in three different variations: the standard, a high round cap, or a low round cap. There is currently no information available on the weight of the DualSense Edge.

Xbox Elite Series 2

Rubberized grips and four additional buttons on the back are two distinguishing characteristics of the Xbox Elite Series 2 controller in comparison to the regular wireless controller. You also have the option of using an eight-way pad in lieu of the directional pad. 

The scope of supply of the controller comprises not only the standard four sticks but also a short stick and a long stick in addition to the typical four sticks. A rapid transition may be made between the various operational modes using the profile button located on the top. The Elite Series 2 weighs 345 grams, a little increase compared to the wireless controller.

Functionalities and Adaptability

DualSense Edge

Customizable controls allow you to vary the trigger distance and deadzone, adjust stick sensitivity, and change deadzones. You can also remap buttons or deactivate button input. You are able to create and store many operational profiles and then use the Fn keys that are located beneath the sticks to switch between them at any moment. In addition to that, the thumbsticks, entire stick modules, and back keys may all be switched out with relative ease. It is also possible to assign any key input to the two back keys.

Xbox Elite Series 2

You are able to personalize the controller by using the “Xbox Accessories” software to make changes to the way the paddles work, the buttons that are assigned, the amount of vibration, and even how bright the Xbox logo is that is shown on the controller. You may build up to three more custom profiles in addition to the default profile, and you can switch between them using the profile button on the back of the device.

You also have the option to adjust the sensitivity of the stick, and there are three different settings. The four keys on the rear allow you to mirror any of the other keys. The Elite Series 2 wireless controller has a number of advantages over the basic wireless controller, including shorter hair trigger locks, an integrated battery, and wireless charging capabilities.


In the end, each controller has its own set of benefits that are unique to itself. Although the Elite Series 2 has some extra comfort features, such as rubber grips and four back buttons, the DualSense Edge controller has totally replaceable stick modules, which is an essential feature that contributes to the controller’s long-term durability.

One of the major selling points of these high-end controllers is the ability to create unique player profiles. In contrast to the Xbox Elite Series 2, which can store up to three unique player profiles, Sony has not yet confirmed the number of profiles that can be stored on the DualSense Edge.

Many questions remain, but the DualSense Edge seems to be shaping up to be a serious rival in the high-end market. Particularly for PS5 owners who, up until now, had had to turn to third-party controller manufacturers like Scuf if they wanted a premium choice for Sony’s platform.

Aside from that, there is still some information lacking concerning the DualSense Edge, but the price by itself ought to be a significant consideration. And the only way for us to evaluate the handling is if we are able to grasp the controller in our hands physically.