D.Mon Overwatch: big things to come

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Overwatch’s new short film has fans excited

Blizzard released an Overwatch animated short by the name of “Shooting Star,” continuing with the custom of developing the narratives and backgrounds of the different heroes of the game. In this video, the story is focused on the fan-favorite eSports gamer Hana “D.Va” Song, and her efforts to defend Korea from the currently unknown “Gwishin” omnic forces. The video primarily focuses on Hana’s development as a character, as she learns through a relatively harsh lesson to accept help from others, and establishes the childhood friendship between her and the mechanic of her squadron, Dae-hyun. However, there is also light shed on the remainder of her MEKA squadron teammates. And although the only data given on them are still photos and headshots with their respective MEKAs, they have spawned numerous fanart. Of this fanart, one character has also seemed to capture the players’ hearts: D.Mon.

Who is D.Mon?

D.Mon, also known as Yuna Lee, is the only other female member of Hana’s MEKA squadron, and her teammate in the eSports field as well. Due to this connection, both characters share similar gaming handles to reflect this, with a capital D followed by a period. Design-wise, she sports a jumpsuit with the common team color of grey, which everyone besides D.Va sports. There also seems to be accents of red and black decorating the jumpsuit that distinguishes her from the rest of the team. Her MEKA, also known as Beast, is also primarily red to complement her suit, accented with white and gold to provide contrast. Mechanically, the MEKA is humanoid, like D.Va’s, and is considerably larger and bulkier. In the action shot of the team fighting the omnic, Yuna’s MEKA seems to be sporting the same boosters as the rest of the team as well as a wrist-mounted green shield, similar to Reinhardt’s, that is noticeably smaller and curved.

What can her role be?

To celebrate the release of the animated short, Michael Chu, released an article answering frequent questions about D.Va and her background. From this article, we are informed that Yuna is “tough and protective.” Based on this description and the previous details about her MEKA, it can be expected for her to fit a tank role, similar to her teammate. If she is added to the game, she will probably also share a similar boost mechanic with D.Va. She might also have the shield included in the art, but due to her fast speed, it may be nerfed to have less health or a smaller hitbox, as was the case with Brigitte’s shield.

Impact on the game?

While there is currently no gameplay of D.Mon, assuming she has a similar skillset as D.va, having two flying mechs may impact the game. If the game offers two mechs, the tank meta may change. Having two portable tanks instead of a standard Winston and D.va setup could increase the popularity of the currently dead dive comp. Although dive comp is currently unpopular because of Brigette, casual players, as well as competitive players, may lean towards the two Korean mechs. With the correct changes to certain heroes, depending on D.Mon’s abilities as a mech tank character could reinstate the dive comp popularity. Players who also prefer D.va may also find safe haven with D.Mon. Having multiple D.va mains could be a problem in competitive matchmaking, creating a new mech character for these players to use could help them when coinciding with each other, instead of bickering with each other who the better D.Va player is.


With the map Busan, released late August, it would make sense to release another character pertaining to the map. D.Mon and D.Va may have special interactions with each other and in the map. New voice lines and emotes may lead to further speculation of the lore between the two. Places around the Busan map may also hint at D.Mon and her backstory. Only time will tell when she is released and tested with other maps and characters. Her backstory may also be a key in order to figure out more parts of other characters’ lore. This would create more plot points and help develop not only hers but D.Va’s character as well.

D.Mon is the latest character to follow

Overall D.Mon is a new mech character that could bring a difference in comp meta, as well as lore. This new tank will shake up the Overwatch scene, and bring new light to D.va’s backstory. With similar features to D.Va, players who perform well with the mech character may find an alternative in D.Mon. Only time will tell whether her abilities perform as well as her counterpart. D.Mon will definitely be a hero to look out for in the upcoming weeks.

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