Join our CS:GO Server

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Train on our CS:GO Server

Think you got game? Come alone or bring your crew and compete on our Counter-Strike game server using the information below:


How to join a CS:GO server using the Steam client

Step 1

Create an account on Steam, if you don’t already have one, and install the Steam client


Step 2

Once the client is downloaded, you are now ready to now download CS:GO. Navigate to the search bar and download the game. Keep in mind it’s a decently large file, so make sure your computer meets the minimum installation requirements.


Step 3

Once the game is downloaded you will see it’s now available within your Steam client. Click “Play” to launch the game.


Step 4

Enable the Developer Console to allow you to connect to a specific CS:GO server using an IP address and port.


Step 5

On your keyboard, hit the ~ key to bring up the console. Now, you have the ability to input the specific IP address and port of the server that you wish to connect. In the console window input the following string:

connect [IP Address]:[Port]

In this example, the string would be connect

Click Submit and you are now connected to the server! 


Step 6

To add a server to your Favorites return back to the Steam client and select “View” and then “Servers”


Next, locate the Favorites tab, select “Add A Server.” Enter the IP address and port.

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