Best Mechanical Keyboards for Gaming 2022

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Using the top gaming keyboard is enjoyable. Each key press is instantly and flawlessly registered, allowing you to focus on the game itself rather than the mechanical act of pressing keys. It’s worth getting this important accessory properly, with just the appropriate amount of RGB lighting to keep you pleased, along with your gaming mouse.

The plethora of settings and gaming keyboard preferences might be bewildering. It would help if you thought about media controls, volume wheels, keycaps, macro keys, and the actual switches being utilized. Additionally, the variety of colors and styles available for keyboard switches is enough to make the average person cry.

Apart from all these technicalities, the size of the keyboard also matters, and it usually boils down to one’s preference; there are three sizes of mechanical keyboards available on the market. TKL, 60%, and a Full-size keyboard (104 keys). TenKeyLess (TKL) gets rid of the Numpad. Hence that’s why it’s named tenkeyless. Throughout this guide, we’re going to rank some of the best mechanical keyboards for gaming.

1. HyperX Alloy Origins

The HyperX Alloy Origins is the finest gaming keyboard for casual gamers who want to get right to play because of its small size and high-quality construction. It’s cozy, has luxury design elements from the frame to the keys, and has colorful RGB lights. You’ll be at home with the red switches on this keyboard if you’re used to linear switches, which are rapid but provide minimal feedback. Additionally, we tried the clickier version using HyperX aqua switches, which are sold in the HyperX shop and on Amazon.

HyperX Alloy Origins Keyboard
HyperX Alloy Origins

Gaming keyboards with additional amenities, including media control buttons, a USB passthrough connector for connecting a different attachment, like your finest gaming mouse, and more sophisticated software, may be found for more than $100. But then, Alloy Origins does an outstanding job executing what it provides.

The tenkeyless (no Numpad) HyperX Alloy Origins Core and the 60%-sized HyperX Alloy Origins 60 are two smaller, less expensive variations of this keyboard that HyperX offers.

2. Corsair K100 RGB Optical

The K100’s basic structure is very similar to that of the K95, featuring the same premium quality throughout, a similar overall layout, identical macro keys on the left side, an identical metal roll in the top right corner, duplicate media keys immediately below it, and identical double-shot keycaps. You get a comfy wrist rest that clamps on magnetically exactly like previously, and the USB passthrough is simple to reach.

Corsair K100 RGB OpticalĀ 
Corsair K100 RGB Optical 

Additionally, the K100 boasts more gorgeous RGB lights that Corsair is aware we all like. There are now 44 zones available for you to cast light from. Additionally, seeing wavy, rippling patterns play off your keyboard may be just as irritating as you think. 

The switches themselves are the latest OPX optical-mechanical switches from Corsair. It’s important to note that the OPX switches are still digital devices and not the variable analog kind used in products like Wooting keyboards, which can sense how deeply a key is pushed and adjust their turning resistance accordingly. 

Overall, the Corsair K100 keyboard offers great key responsiveness, a good range of keys for most hand sizes, a nice tactile click with each push, and beautifully dimpled keys that let you rest your fingertips when you’re not pressing down.

3. Razer BlackWidow V3 Pro

The Razer BlackWidow V3 Pro is the finest wireless gaming keyboard we’ve tested if you want the same experience as a regular full-sized mechanical gaming keyboard without cables. The BlackWidow V3 Pro preserves all the size, mass, and functionality of a full-sized mechanical keyboard, while many wireless keyboards are designed for portability. This includes a premium tactile volume dial, media buttons, an aluminum top plate, and Doubleshot ABS plastic keycaps.

Razer BlackWidow V3 Pro Keyboard
Razer BlackWidow V3 Pro

The BlackWidow V3 Pro from Razer is well-equipped with bright per-key RGB lighting and up to four onboard memory profiles. But RGB doesn’t adhere to profiles; knowledgeable RGB enthusiasts must rely on software to match RGB, including bespoke effects, to profiles.

Through a Bluetooth or 2.4 GHz dongle, the BlackWidow V3 Pro may connect to your computer. Our test unit’s battery life averaged roughly 14 hours with RGB set to its maximum levels and no dimming effects; however, with RGB set to its power-saving settings, that time increases to 25 hours.

4. G.Skill KM360

The G.Skill KM360 is affordable and has the iconic Cherry MX Red linear switch right out of the box. The biggest, most feature-rich gaming keyboards may cost quite a bit if you want to purchase genuine Cherry switches. However, the G.Skill does away with that. 

G.Skill KM360 Keyboard
G.Skill KM360

It is straightforward and mechanical, excellent for work and gaming, and it still has backlighting for improved sight in dimly lit spaces. You might be unhappy with the single-color choice if you can’t function without your gaming board being lit up like a rainbow, but holy crap, these G.Skill board’s white LEDs are the brightest.

Although this TKL board is simple, it excels at what it does. It looks nice, is sturdy, well-made, and dependable. The absence of a wrist rest, a passthrough, or media controls upset me; I’ll gladly overlook them in favor of the functionally inexpensive design. Additionally, the removable USB Type-C greatly increases the lifetime of this board.

5. Logitech G915

The Logitech G915 is a superb example of the wireless keyboard subgenre if you’ve got your heart set on one. Compared to wired mechanical keyboards with comparable capabilities, the wireless capability will cost you a little more. You receive a sleek, strong, and brushed aluminum-plated board for that considerable financial outlay. 

Logitech G915 Keyboard
Logitech G915

One of the keyboard’s smart media controls at the top right corner is a volume dial that feels amazing to turn. There are also a few macro buttons on the left side of the keyboard. Within the Logitech G software, they may be customized to your liking for each app or game.

It fits all of this while maintaining a very small overall footprint, making it one of the more streamlined keyboards available today. For better or worse, the wired Cherry MX 10.0 beats it there.