Best Gaming Desks (Serious Gamer Edition)

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Choosing the best gaming desk is your first objective

Professional gamers room With ultra powerful personal computer, sleek gaming desk, and paused first-person shooter game on screen.
Tired of staring at that old table-top you call a gaming desk? You are in luck because we will be breaking down some of the best gaming desks on the market.

There comes a time when every gamer comes to the inevitable conclusion that their home PC gaming desk sucks. Period. Whether it’s having constant neck pain from tilting your head down to look at a monitor that is beneath your natural eye level, or lower back pain from just generally being uncomfortable, when it comes to PC gaming the importance of having the right gaming desk can be the difference between long-term pleasure or frequently annoying pain.

In a rush to jump right into the online gaming action, most gamers miss a fundamental part of the PC gaming setup, which is having the right gaming desk. Simply having any old desk is not going to cut it if you want to accomplish some serious gaming. Not to mention also staying competitive. You’ll want to make sure you pick out a solid gaming-friendly desk that will help enable you to play video games for hours at a time.

In this article, we’ve laid out what to look for when it comes to selecting the best gaming desk and provided our recommendations for the 14 best gaming desks, with full reviews for each. And if you prefer to just get the quick list without all the details, these are the best desks for PC gaming:

What you should look for in the best gaming desk

man staring intently at a computer monitor while sitting at his pro gaming desk

While choosing a PC gaming desk isn’t necessarily a difficult task, it is a decision that should take considerable thought and time. This isn’t a decision you’ll want to rush into. Why is that, exactly? Because we’re assuming that if you are seriously considering purchasing a gaming desk, than you must spend a semi-significant time gaming on your PC and need a desk upgrade for a variety of reasons. And anyone who spends extended time at a desk should invest wisely in this crucial piece of furniture. Having a good desk can save you from posture and health problems down the road and will make gaming a lot more comfortable!

So what exactly are these factors that should be evaluated when shopping around for a gaming desk? We’ll go over them in detail below, but the shortlist is:

  • Size
  • Sturdiness
  • Adjustable Height
  • Weight Capacity
  • Gaming Features


man sitting a his all white gaming desk playing PC games

The size of a gaming desk is perhaps the most critical element when deciding which is the best for your setup. When gaming, you don’t want to be crammed in a small place, unable to move and stretch out. Instead, it’s ideal to have a larger desk, with extra space for things like multiple monitors, speakers, drinks, decorations, and more. Ultimately, the bigger the desk, the more space you’ll have to play and game, and the more comfortable you’ll be. 

While this may sound overly simple, we know it’s not that easy! That’s because the size of the gaming desk you choose will depend on how much space you have for it in the room. You’ll most likely need to measure the area that you have available in whatever place the desk will live in so you know the maximum dimensions you can look for in a gaming desk. If you’re working with a smaller sized room, you probably won’t be able to get the largest desk out in the market.

So the first step here is to measure the size of the space you’ll be placing the desk in. It’s critical to know the size of the biggest desk you could fit in that space before you even start looking at your options. This will help narrow down any desks that won’t work due to your space limitations. 


top view a gaming gear, mouse, keyboard, joystick, headset, mobile joystick, in ear headphone and mouse pad on black table background.jpg

When playing video games, your hands, arms, and other parts of your body tend to move a lot with your mouse or controller. Even though you’re physically sitting at a desk, you’re certainly not stationary. Gaming requires a lot of motion, meaning that you’ll need a desk that can handle your quick and sudden movements. And this is precisely where desk sturdiness comes into consideration. 

The more sturdy and solid a desk is, the better suited it will be for gaming. Typically this means you should pay attention to the materials that the desk is made out of. For example, some types of wood or metal are great options for a sturdy desk because they are more heavy, durable materials. Plastic or lighter materials are usually not as heavy, meaning they are also typically not great options for a sturdy desk. 

Adjustable Height

Finding a desk that offers ergonomic support is essential when it comes to gaming. Ergonomic support, in this context, means that the desk is designed to optimize for human comfort. Ultimately, this will help you keep good posture, and can prevent neck, shoulder, and back pain, all of which is critical for your long-term health.

One type of ergonomically-friendly features on desks is adjustable height, which allows you to adapt to how tall your desk sits. Desks that allow you to adjust the height will help you avoid sitting down for long periods of time, which has been proven to have adverse effects on your health. So whether you prefer to sit in a high-seat chair or even stand up while playing video games, getting a desk that allows you to adjust the height is extremely useful. You might have to pay a bit more for this feature, but trust us, your body will thank you in the long-run.

Weight Capacity

Another critical factor that is critical when choosing a gaming desk is finding one that will support the weight of your gaming setup. Things like monitors, consoles, speakers, keyboards, and other accessories are quite heavy. You’ll want to make sure that the desk you choose will be able to accommodate all of that weight. You’ll notice each of the gaming desks on the list also include the maximum weight capacity that they support, so you know exactly how much you can work with. Generally speaking, the higher the maximum weight capacity of a desk is, the better quality it is. 

Other Features

In addition to the four factors we described above, you’ll also want to know what other features a particular desk has before you purchase it. We’ve found that the most helpful and useful features for a gaming desk are:

  • Monitor stand
  • Cable management system
  • Speaker holders
  • Headset hook
  • Game storage
  • Cup holder

The 14 best gaming desks

We’ve curated our list of top PC gaming desks based on the factors we discussed in the section above. 

#1: Atlantic Gaming Desk

Dimensions: 44.8 x 26.2 x 7 inches
Maximum Weight Capacity: 88 pounds

When it comes to price and features, you really can’t beat the Atlantic Gaming Desk. It is specifically designed for gaming gear, and you can really tell by all the thought the manufacturer put into the desk’s features. The desk itself includes a charging stand, speaker stands, game storge, a storage basket, controller stand, built-in wire management, power strip holder, a headset hook, and of course, a cup holder. 

In terms of size, this desk isn’t the biggest, but it’s suitable if you only need your setup to include one monitor. If you are looking for a desk that will fit in a tight space, this is a great option. The desk has a nifty monitor shelf, which will lift your screen a few inches, providing a nice angle for your neck. You can fit up to a 27″ inch flat panel monitor that weighs up to 40 pounds. If you just use a single screen, this desk is probably going to work for you. The desk makers rave that the Atlantic Gaming Desk is optimized to give you enough space to game and keep all of your gaming equipment organized. 

The top of the desk is made out of a sleek charcoal colored carbon fiber laminate, which is pretty durable and easy to clean. The table legs are made out of a steel/metal material, which makes the desk sturdy. On top of all this, the price of the desk is hard to beat! You certainly won’t break your bank account by choosing this option. 

One of the only downsides to this desk is that you’ll have to assemble it yourself unless you pay for the optional expert assembly that Amazon offers. Once it’s fully set up, you’ll be ready to game in no time!

  • Pros
    • The desk is very sturdy.
    • Compact size allows it to fit in small spaces.
    • It comes packed with great features.
    • The price is fantastic for the value.
  • Cons
    • You have to assemble it yourself.
    • If you have a larger space, this desk might be too small.

#2: Atlantic Gaming Desk Pro

Dimensions: 51 x 24.5 x 35.8 inches
Maximum Weight Capacity: 88 pounds

If you have a bit more space for your gaming setup, you may want to consider upgrading to the Atlantic Gaming Desk Pro. This desk is almost identical to the regular Atlantic Gaming Desk but has a few additional enhancements that might entice you. 

To start things off, the Pro version of this desk is bigger, which certainly helps if you’re looking for more space in your gaming desk. Because it’s bigger, that means it can also support a larger monitor of up to 32″ and no more than 40 pounds. 

In terms of features, the Atlantic Gaming Desk Pro has all the same features as the regular version but includes storage for up to 10 video games as opposed to 5. The only other significant difference is that the legs are different. The Pro desk has thicker, crisscrossed legs that are made out of a durable metal material. This makes the desk even more sturdy and durable, which is super helpful for playing video games.

Overall, if you have space and are willing to spend a few dollars more, the Atlantic Gaming Desk Pro is definitely worth the upgrade for your gaming setup!

  • Pros
    • The Pro desk is bigger than the regular desk and gives you more space to play.
    • The desk legs make it very sturdy.
    • It comes packed with great features.
    • The price is fantastic for the value.
  • Cons
    • You have to assemble it yourself.
    • There’s not a ton of differences between this and the regular desk other than price. 

#3: RESPAWN 3010 Height Adjustable Gaming Desk

Dimensions: 23.6 x 52.6 x 49.5 inches
Maximum Weight Capacity: 200 pounds

The RESPAWN 3010 Height Adjustable Gaming Desk is our 13th pick for top gaming desk. While it boasts several useful gaming features, one of the biggest perks of this desk is that it has pneumatic height adjustment. This means that the height of the desk can be easily adjusted with the touch of a level. Controlled by pneumatics, the desk height starts at 28″ and can rise up to 43″. 

On top of the height adjustment feature, there are also other ergonomic friendly features like a beveled front edge for a comfortable place for your arms to rest and a back-mounted monitor shelf positioned at eye level to prevent head and neck strain. In addition, it includes special speaker holders, a headphone hook, and cup holders all placed at the sides of the desk to provide the maximum usable space.

The desk is made out of a steel frame, which is extremely strong and durable, supporting up to 200 pounds. Even though it only sits on two legs, the RESPAWN 3010 Height Adjustable Gaming Desk is undoubtedly fit for the movements and motions of playing video games.

Overall, if you can afford this desk, it’s certainly a great option and is one you should absolutely consider!

  • Pros
    • The pneumatic height adjustment is simply amazing.
    • It boasts some great ergonomic features.
    • It’s incredibly sturdy and supports up to 200 pounds.
  • Cons
    • Comes with a high price tag.

#4: Kinsal Z-Shaped Gaming Desk

Dimensions: 44.9 x 23.6 x 28.9 inches
Maximum Weight Capacity: 550 pounds

This desk is was made to impress with its insane use RGB color changing display. This one is better off seeing on Amazon’s site directly.

  • Pros
    • Ideal for the professional gamer looking to add a bit of colorful flair to the room
    • The reasonable price tag for a desk of its quality
  • Cons
    • The desk is very light on other important features such as electric height adjust

#5: ApexDesk Elite Series Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk

Dimensions: 71 x 46.5 x 30 inches
Maximum Weight Capacity: 225 pounds

When it comes to an elite gaming desk, the ApexDesk Elite Series Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk certainly must be in the conversation. While this is the most expensive desk on our list, it also is one of the best. This desk is one of the best when it comes to being ergonomically friendly. The most useful feature it offers is an electric height adjuster, which you can adjust from 29″ to 48″. This is huge if you like to do things like stand while you game, or if you use a higher-sitting chair. The fact that you can adjust the height with the push of a button is a fantastic perk. 

The desk has a considerable surface space. You could fit up to three monitors on it, depending on their size. On top of that, it is extremely strong, having a 225-pound load capacity. This is mostly because it has enhanced stability and reinforcement thanks to the one-piece fixed steel beam that runs under the middle of the desk surface.

While the ApexDesk Elite Series Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk doesn’t come in a bunch of fun colors like some of our other desks, they do offer a variety of different wood color combinations. The surface of the desk is made of medium-density fibreboard (MDF), with scratch-resistant laminate. This desk is definitely durable and easy to clean.

The downside of this desk is that it doesn’t have very many features outside of the electric height-adjustment. It’s clear that the manufacturers didn’t build this desk specifically for gamers, but we still think it’s a solid option for a gaming desk. 

Finally, as with all of our desks on this list, you will need to self-assemble. The manufacturers claim it should take less than 60 minutes, and most of the reviews we read agree!

  • Pros
    • Has a huge surface area for you to utilize.
    • Features electric height adjustment so you can play to your preference.
    • Is very sturdy and has a 225-pound load capacity.
  • Cons
    • Has an extremely high price-tag.
    • Does not have a ton of features for gamers.
    • You must assemble this desk yourself.

#6: Arozzi Arena Gaming Desk

Dimensions: 32.2 x 63 x 31 inches
Maximum Weight Capacity: 176 pounds

The Swedish company, Arozzi, launched the Arena Gaming Desk a couple of years ago with the idea of designing a product to maximize play and comfort for gamers. While the desk does come with a pretty hefty price tag, it delivers a solid, featuring ridden experience for any serious gamer. It’s clear that Arozzi spent a lot of time into optimizing this desk, adding a myriad of helpful features such as easy height adjustment, a built-in cable management system, and a full-surface mousepad.

The desk is quite big and has a huge surface area for you to play on. It can accommodate up to three large monitors, which is more than what most gamers need. The desk also has a large depth, which allows you more space for your mouse, keyboard, and other accessories. You can fit up to 176 lbs on the surface of the desk, which means it’s quite supportive. It’s built on two very strong metal legs, which is also the same material used for the frame. Most reviews we’ve read agree that these details make the desk extremely sturdy. 

The Arena Gaming Desk also comes in five different color combinations, so you can really add some flair to your setup. On top of all of this, the desk is designed for easy transport in case you find yourself needing to move the desk.

The only potential downside to this desk other than the higher price is that the assembly doesn’t come with great instructions. Most reviewers say that it is simple to assemble and typically takes under 60 minutes to put together, but could use better instructions.

  • Pros
    • The desk has a huge surface area for monitors and accessories.
    • Comes with great features for gaming like height adjustment.
    • The strong metal legs and frame make the desk very sturdy.
    • It’s easy to take apart in case you need to transport it.
  • Cons
    • It has a high price-tag.
    • If you choose to self-assemble, the instructions are not great.

#7: AmazonBasics Three Piece Glass Desk

Dimensions: 53 x 53 x 29 inches
Maximum Weight Capacity: unknown

If you’re looking for a simple and reliable gaming desk, you won’t find many better options than the AmazonBasics Three Piece Glass Desk. It’s a 3-piece modular desk that is made and manufactured by online shopping giant, Amazon. The desk is L-shaped desk and offers a contemporary and minimalist style. However, if you prefer not to have an L-shaped setup, you can also separate the desk into two separate pieces, which makes two desks. It’s definitely a perk that the desk has this flexibility.

The desk also features a really smooth black tempered safety glass surface. It makes the desk look very sleek and definitely adds to its durability. The desk surface offers plenty of room for you to space out multiple monitors and other accessories like a mouse, mousepad, keyboard, charging cables, game storage, controller storage, and much more. 

Holding the desk together is a steel frame, which provides optimal strength and stability while you’re playing video games. The angled legs (one on either side of both rectangular units) and wide horizontal feet provide strength without appearing overly bulky. Thinner bars cross in the back, and a single bar crosses each side leg, forming X shapes for added stability. The overwhelming majority of the reviews of the desk agree that it is incredibly sturdy and stable.

In terms of features, the desk has a sliding keyboard tray that you can mount on either side, giving you a place to store your keyboard when not in use. It also includes an independent desktop computer stand, which can be moved to wherever it’s most convenient, keeping your computer equipment securely in place and slightly raised up off the floor.

Like the majority of other desks on our list, this desk ships ready to build and comes with step-by-step instructions. While it shouldn’t be too difficult to put together, it will certainly require a bit of effort. However if you prefer, you can, of course, pay for experts to assemble it for you instead!

  • Pros
    • The desk provides a ton of surface space for your gaming setup.
    • The steel base is extremely sturdy and strong.
    • You can separate into two separate desks if desired.
    • The price of the desk is super affordable.
  • Cons
    • Has a minimal amount of features.
    • You have to assemble it yourself.

#8: Eureka Ergonomic R1-S Gaming Desk

Dimensions: 44.5 x 26.6 x 30.5 inches
Maximum Weight Capacity: unknown

Next up on our list of best gaming desks is a pretty solid choice, especially if you want a pure gaming desk with a more premium feel. The Eureka Ergonomic R1-S Gaming Desk excels because of all of the features it comes with. For starters, it has RGB LED lighting that illuminates the desk when you plug the USB cord into your computer. On top of that, the desk comes equipped with a convenient cup holder, headphone hook, controller stand, and an extra-large mouse pad for a gaming keyboard and mouse.

While the desk doesn’t have a massive gaming surface, it is decent in size and is capable of fitting two monitors plus a keyboard, mouse and other accessories. The top of the desk has a sleek carbon fiber texture that looks cool and is easy to clean. The edge of the surface is wrapped, which prevents things (like your mouse) from dropping off the side. On top of this, the desk is built with a solid R-shape design that comes with four leveling feet to prevent wobbling. 

While there is no real major downside to this desk, we’ve ranked it here because we truly think it is the middle of the pack. The Atlantic Gaming Desk and Atlantic Gaming Desk Pro has a very similar feature set and are about half of the price of the Eureka Ergonomic R1-S Gaming Desk. Unless you really like the LED lighting feature, we’d recommend going with either of the Atlantic Gaming Desk options first if you’re looking to save some money while still getting a great desk. 

  • Pros
    • Has a decent sized surface that fits up to two monitors.
    • Is a feature-rich desk and comes with awesome LED lighting. 
  • Cons
    • The price is a bit high when compared to other similar desks.
    • Self-assembly is required.

#9: AKRacing Summit Gaming Desk

Dimensions: 71 x 46.5 x 30 inches
Maximum Weight Capacity: unknown

The AKRacing Summit Gaming Desk is the next pick on our list of top gaming desks. The major positive factor about this desk is that it is one of the most solid and durable options on the market. The top is made out of a textured medium-density fibreboard (MDF) that is laminated, which keeps it smooth and durable, yet still easy to clean. The surface has a curved edged, which allows you to scoot closer to the action on your screen. It’s also made with a gauge steel frame, which keeps it extremely stable while playing video games. Making the desk even more sturdy are its four K-shaped desk legs.

This desk doesn’t have a ton of features for gaming other than a cable management system to help keep your setup free of cords. It also comes in four great color options if you want to add some fun to your desk.

You will have to assemble the desk yourself, and it appears that it’s not exactly a walk in the park. According to one review, “Putting the desk together is truly a horrendous task.” Not exactly what you want to hear about a desk that costs several hundred dollars. 

Overall, while it’s a decent gaming desk that looks cool, we’re not totally convinced that it’s worth the price. There are some far better options on our list that have better price points that we’d recommend first. 

  • Pros
    • The desk frame is made out of steel, making it extremely sturdy.
    • Comes with a cable management system.
  • Cons
    • Lacks meaningful gaming features.
    • Self-assembly is difficult.
    • The price is high when compared to other gaming desk options.

#10: Zinus Port Computer Desk

Dimensions: 55.1 x 29.5 x 29 inches
Maximum Weight Capacity: unknown

While the Zinus Port Computer Desk might not be specifically built for gaming, it is definitely a formidable option for a gaming setup. And that is mostly because it has a large surface area, which will give you a ton of space to work with and can fit up to three monitors comfortably.

This desk is extremely simple and easy to put together. It has a rich dark espresso coloring, creating an extremely sleek look. It has four main features: a small side storage area, a monitor stand, a hook on the side for accessories, and a cable management system. So while there isn’t anything specific for gaming with this desk, there are some basic useful features you can take advantage of. Plus the frame and legs are all made out of steel, which makes this desk quite sturdy and stable.

Overall, the Zinus Port Computer Desk is a fantastic simple option for a gaming desk and is well-priced. While it doesn’t have all the frills and features are other desks on our list, it gets the job done and provides a ton of space for your custom gaming setup.

  • Pros
    • This desk provides an ample amount of space.
    • It is priced very reasonably.
  • Cons
    • Has very few features relevant to gaming.

#11: DlandHome Gaming Computer Desk

Dimensions: 47.2 x 23.6 x 29.7 inches
Maximum Weight Capacity: 300 pounds

To simply put it, the DlandHome Gaming Computer Desk is a fantastically designed gaming desk. It was clearly designed to optimize for the gaming experience. It includes a lot of useful features such as an adjustable height monitor stand, two adjustable speaker stands (which you can technically use as monitor stands as well), an adjustable drink rack, and even a headphone holder. It’s a very convenient space to place your gaming peripherals so that you can focus on gaming.

This desk is quite sturdy, supporting a maximum load of 300 pounds. That’s a lot of weight for a relatively compact desk! Its surface is made of solid wood, and the K-shaped metal legs have a thick inner wall, which helps keep it so stable.

The price of the desk is extremely reasonable for the value that the desk provides. However, we still think that the Atlantic Gaming Desk and Atlantic Gaming Desk Pro are better options as they have just as many (if not more) features and come in at lower price points.

  • Pros
    • The desk is super sturdy and supports up to 300 pounds.
    • Includes a lot of useful gaming features.
    • Very reasonable price point.
  • Cons
    • The price is higher than comparable gaming desk options.
    • Self-assembly is required.

#12: Techni Mobili Gaming Computer Desk

Dimensions: 47.2 x 41.5 x 23.5 inches
Maximum Weight Capacity: 132 pounds

The Techni Mobili Gaming Computer Desk is yet another simple, but solid option for a gaming desk that is offered a great price. To start off, it has a fabulous set of useful gaming features including not one, but two, elevated monitor stands, a wire storage rack, a charging tray, a built-in headphone holder, a media storage rack, and even a cup holder. It’s definitely equipped for the most serious gamers.

It’s made out of a high-tech carbon fiber laminated medium-density fibreboard (MDF) surface. This is an extremely durable surface that is easy to clean and will hold up to 132 pounds. That is certainly not as high of a load capacity as some other options on our list. Regardless, the desk surface gives enough space for your keyboard, mouse, and other accessories since your monitor(s) will sit on a stand. In addition to this, the desk has a strong steel leg construction that helps make it sturdy and stable. 

Most reviewers agree that Techni Mobili Gaming Computer Desk is extremely to self-assemble and report that it takes about 45 minutes on average. 

Overall, this desk is an excellent value for its price. But similarly to a few other picks on our list, the Techni Mobili Gaming Computer Desk is just not as good as the Atlantic Gaming Desk and Atlantic Gaming Desk Pro, which both also happen to be cheaper options. 

  • Pros
    • Offers two monitor stands.
    • Has a great set of gaming features.
    • The desk is very reasonably priced.
  • Cons
    • The price is higher than comparable gaming desk options.
    • Only holds up to 132 pounds.

#13: Z-Line Designs Cyrus Workstation

Dimensions: 48 x 26 x 36 inches
Maximum Weight Capacity: unknown

Next up is the Z-Line Designs Cyrus Workstation, which is more of a traditional desk versus one that caters to gamers. It has multiple layers to it, which makes it extremely versatile and optimizes for space. The top layer is a monitor stand, which will safely accommodate up to two screens and elevate them to a great viewing angle. The next level is a clear tempered glass, where you can put your gaming accessories and more. Under that is a pull-out keyboard tray, which includes room for your mouse. Finally, the last layer will hold your desktop computer or could be used as a footrest or for other storage.

This desk is primarily made out of a cherry wood finish and has a glass layer in addition to black accents. So while it certainly doesn’t look as cool or modern as other options on our list, it is totally functional. It also sits on wheels, which makes it easy for mobility, but is not as great for stability. While it passes our basic sturdiness test, the Z-Line Designs Cyrus Workstation definitely doesn’t compare to some of the top gaming desks on this list.

Because this desk has so many layers and levels, it does take a while to assemble because there are so many various parts. While it’s not necessarily difficult, it will probably take a while. 

Overall, this desk really doesn’t have any gaming-specific features or exciting frills but is still a solid option because of its outstanding utilization of space and great price point. 

  • Pros
    • Multiple layers maximize space utilization.
    • Rollers make the desk extremely mobile.
    • The price of the desk is very reasonable.
  • Cons
    • Self-assembly will take a while to complete.
    • Has no gaming-specific features.
    • The design is not modern-looking.

#14: Ficmax Z-Shaped Gaming Desk

Dimensions: 50 x 30.2 x 7.5 inches
Maximum Weight Capacity: unknown

The Ficmax Z-Shaped Gaming Desk is certainly one of the most uniquely designed desks on our list. And that’s largely because of its Z-shaped frame which holds it together. While its design is quite cool, the desk also happens to be a strong option because of its high-quality build and gaming-specific features. 

The surface of the desk is made out of a wooden material, and the frame is a steel rod. These both give the desk a stable support structure. The four legs of the desk each have nylon mats on them, which also add some extra sturdiness. On top of all of this, the size of the desk is quite decent, as it will easily fit up to two monitors, with extra space for accessories.

In terms of useful features, the Ficmax Z-Shaped Gaming Desk has a nifty LED lighting system that adds some nice ambient lighting. There is some plastic siding on the edges of the desk which help prevent things from slipping off. You’ll also get a free mousepad included with the desk if you purchase it.

Most people who have reviewed the desk say that it is straightforward to put together, but you may need a drill to make your own holes. Otherwise, it should be a smooth process.

Overall, the Ficmax Z-Shaped Gaming Desk is a decent option for a gaming desk. While it doesn’t have too many thrills or features and won’t beat out the desks that are placed higher on this list, it is a sturdy and durable option for you to consider.

  • Pros
    • The desk has an extremely unique Z-shaped design.
    • Has an LED lighting system for ambient lighting.
    • Supports up to two monitors.
  • Cons
    • Doesn’t have a ton of useful gaming features.

It’s time to purchase a gaming desk

Hopefully, after reading our list of the 14 best gaming desks, you now feel more equipped to make your purchase. The great news is you have a ton of various options and can surely find the perfect desk for your gaming setup. Whether you are looking for nifty gaming features, or easy height adjustment, or a large surface space, there is surely a desk for you out there. Good luck with your final selection!

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