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Want to get closer to the eSports action? If so, you are in luck because in this article we are going to discuss the best eSports betting sites!

They typically offer great deposit bonuses and are mostly announced a couple of days before the big tournament. You can also earn money by inviting a friend to their website, which is a rather unique feature when it comes to the best eSports betting sites. Overall, this a great bookmaker for eSports fans and enthusiasts.


Just like their rival GG.BET, they are among the first bookmakers to focus strictly on eSports betting. LOOT.BET provides decent pre-match odds, but they have some of the best live betting odds on the market. That is a primary reason why they are considered to be one of the best eSports betting sites out there.

Another fascinating aspect about LOOT.BET is their deposit methods. They have over 20 methods, which is insane to think about! Furthermore, there are 25 eSports titles to choose from. To conclude, LOOT.BET is very good bookmaker who can provide you with great odds, bonuses, and a very fast and professional support system.


There is not much to say about this bookmaker that hasn’t already been said for the last decade. BET365 has been providing odds for over 15 years now. However, not so long ago they wanted to expand to the eSports market. If you have a hard time trusting “new” bookmakers, then this is the perfect bookie for you.

Good odds, great deposit bonuses, loyalty programs are just a few of the perks you can reap from using this eSports betting site. They do not offer anything new when it comes to betting types. However, they have everything most gamblers need including offerings such as standard pre-match bets, live betting, and outrights. The one downside to this odds maker is that they don’t necessarily cover as many eSports titles as some of their rivals, but still, most of the popular eSports titles are available.


EGB.COM is a one of a kind bookmakers. They are one of the few eSports betting sites that provide a live chat feature on their website, so people can discuss their bets. When it comes to odds, they typically offer slightly higher odds than a lot of their competition. And just like all the others, they cover all the basics type of bets including Pre-match betting, live betting and outrights. There are also 20+ eSports title to choose from.

As mentioned above, EGB.COM provides a level of uniqueness to their program. Few other bookmakers will offer you loyalty program, which is why this bookmaker made our list of best eSports betting websites. Most of the people who will bet on eSports are probably playing video games as well. Basically, for every bet you make you are also collecting points. You can exchange those points for rewards in their shop, mostly gaming related gear.

Overall, they are a very solid eSports bookmaker who is really giving back to their community, not just with the loyalty program, but with deposit bonuses and great odds as well.

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