5 Best eSports Apps 2021 (Turn Up Edition)

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Turn up the action with the best eSports apps

Three announcers on speaking on an arena jumbotron at a LoL event.

Don’t miss another match, kill, or score with the best eSports apps for your mobile phone. We have analyzed the 5 best eSports apps so you don’t have to!

You are geeked out of your mind right now. It’s early Saturday afternoon, and you’re still glued to your computer screen. For the past five hours, you’ve been watching your favorite eSports gamers play Fortnite on Twitch and YouTube. And now, the Grand Final of The International, the championship competition for Dota 2, is about to begin in less than an hour. You waited for weeks in anticipation to watch your favorite squads compete in the annual tournament. By some twist of fate, they are both in the final match, squaring off for the championship trophy and grand prize. Get your popcorn ready because it’s about to go down!

If you love eSports, you can probably relate to the exciting situation above. No matter how much time you spend watching eSports, it’s never enough. But, you still have to live your life and go to work, school, appointments, or be a contributing member of society. Whatever your situation, having the best eSports apps on your phone is critical if you want to keep your head in the game. Even if you can’t be in front of your monitor at home, eSports games and news can travel with you on your smartphone.

So what are the best eSports apps in 2020? Which ones should you download? Here’s our official list of the best eSports apps:

#1: Twitch

#2: Strafe

#3: eForce

#4: YouTube / YouTube Gaming

#5: ESPN

The rest of this article dives into each of these apps and by the end, you should know exactly which eSports apps you should download on your mobile phone.




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#1: Twitch mobile app

Picture of a Twitch sign hanging from the ceiling

Our Breakdown: “The King Maker”

Our #1 pick for best eSports app most likely won’t be a huge surprise, and we dubbed the “King Maker” because all roads to becoming eSports royalty will likely come through the Twitch. For now…

The mega-popular online video streaming platform has been captivating the gaming world since its release in 2011. It now has over 15 million daily active users, most of whom spend hours at a time watching their favorite streamers play. What you might not have known about Twitch is that they also have an awesome mobile app for both iOS and Android. The best part about the mobile app is that it allows you to watch any live stream directly on your phone, meaning you can watch from pretty much anywhere you get cell service or wifi. This is absolutely huge if you enjoy watching your favorite streamers on Twitch.

screenshot of twitch mobile apps

What To Expect

The Twitch mobile app is pretty much the same as the desktop version, just on a smaller screen. You can still access the chat functionality, and of course, can watch any live video stream across all your favorite games. You’ll also still have to watch ads, just like you would on a desktop. The search and browse functionality is also in the app, in addition to the ability to follow your favorite channels or games and set up alerts.

Finally, if you are into streaming yourself, you can also ‘go live’ directly from your mobile device. The one caveat with this is that it’s not as user-friendly as going live from your computer is. You also don’t have as many options or settings. We’d still recommend using an actual computer instead of a mobile device if you are planning to stream yourself.

App Navigation

Twitch divides its app into three main sections: following, discover and browse. Here’s a breakdown of what you can find in each:

Following: This tab will show you what games you currently follow on Twitch. At any time, you can easily click on a particular game, which will open up all live channels currently streaming, videos of past broadcasts and premiers, highlights, and clips. You can also see the specific channels you are following. If you click on a channel that is currently live, you’ll be taken directly to their live stream. If the channel is offline, you’ll go to the channel’s profile, which includes videos of past broadcasts, hights, clips, info, and their stream chat. 

Discover: On this tab, you’ll find suggested streams and content that Twitch thinks is relevant for you to watch. This includes live channels that are currently streaming, popular games, clips, and videos. It is an excellent way for you to find new content that you may end up loving!

Browse: The Browse tab allows you to proactively search through various games to find channels, videos, and clips that you may be interested in watching. It also has a section for popular streams that are currently live.

Twitch also has great search functionality, which you can use to find results for anything you’re interested in looking at. In addition to search, the app gives you the ability to enable notifications, which will send you alerts in the form of mobile push notifications and/or email notifications any time a streamer or event you follow goes live, or when someone sends you a message, or for other helpful pieces of information. 

Twitch mobile app is the winner, but…

Overall, if you are a regular Twitch user or enjoy watching eSports, we highly recommend downloading the Twitch app over the competition if you decided to only have one eSports app. Twitch is still the King of the hill in terms of total users and overall name recognition.

The Twitch app provides a seamless way to consume your favorite gaming content from anywhere with wifi or cell service. With this app, you’ll never miss another eSports championship match and you have access to a ton of streaming content. That’s precisely why it’s #1 on our list of best eSports apps. However, our #2 pick on the list is picking up steam.

#2: Strafe mobile app

screenshot of the strafe esports app

Our Breakdown: “asesino silencioso”

Our next app is one that you’ve perhaps never heard of. But trust us, by the end of this breakdown you’ll probably want to download it! Strafe is the #2 pick on our list for best eSports apps because it is one of the best sources of up-to-date eSports information. We dub it the “asesino silencioso,” or silent assassin in English, because it’s hot on the trail of possibly one day overtaking Twitch for the best esports mobile app.

The app’s motto is “Everything esports,” and we couldn’t agree more! Strafe allows you to follow your favorite eSports game and will serve you the latest match information, like schedule, scores, stats, and more. The app caters more to professional eSports team matches, which provides a more focused viewer experience than Twitch. It also provides the latest news suggestions, videos, or live streams for you to watch that are related to the games you have chosen to follow. Strafe is currently available both on iOS and Android.

What to Expect

When you first download the app, you’ll be given the option to choose one or more of these eight games to display in your app. This means you are essentially “following” that game and will get all the related news, scores and information for competitive gameplay related to that game. Strafe currently offers the following eight video games to follow on its app:

  • Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
  • Dota 2
  • League of Legends
  • Heatherstone
  • Overwatch
  • Rainbow Six Siege
  • Rocket League
  • StarCraft II

This app definitely covers the top games in eSports, and we wouldn’t be surprised if they begin to add more soon to include up and coming newcomers like Fortnite. Within those games, you can also choose to get updates on specific professional teams and even professional eSports gamers within those teams. This is a huge perk because you may only want to follow a particular team or player rather than all teams and players within a certain game. This flexibility is huge and gives users fabulous control over the content they receive from Strafe. So once you download the app, what exactly do you get? The simple answer is a lot! Strafe divides itself into four main sections: Calendar, Feed, and Discover.




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App Navigation

Calendar: Calendar is pretty easy to understand, as it’s just a daily view of what competitive matches are occurring each day, and the for games you follow. The simple view will tell you which teams are playing, the time the game starts, the league or tournament the match is a part of. If you click into a particular match, it will give you even more helpful information like expected lineups (including player info), previous encounter stats, and even highlight videos. You can also enable notifications within a particular match if you’re interested in getting real-time information on your phone.

Plus, if a game on the schedule is currently live, you’ll have the ability to click directly on a button within the Strafe app that will take you over to the match livestream on Twitch. This is extremely helpful and quick! Overall, the Calendar tab is handy and is a fabulous way for you to keep up with your favorite teams and players as they compete in eSports.

Feed: The Feed curates custom articles, posts, and videos related to the players, teams, and games you’ve chosen to follow in the Strafe app. And the nice part about the feed is that the content comes from different sources like Twitter, GOSU Gamers, and more. This is definitely the place that you could spend hours reading and watching top stories related to eSports. Similar to other feeds, the latest and most recent information will be displayed on the top of the app screen, and as you scroll down, you’ll see older stories and videos. Another cool feature of the feed is that you can edit the settings to include other regions and languages. 

Discover: The Discover tab allows you to search for professional eSports teams and players, giving you the chance to “discover” more information. You can click into specific teams or players and view their profile, which includes the number of followers they have on Strafe, recent matches, and a ton of useful stats. For teams, you can view their current rank, the number of matches played, their win rate, and more. With players, you can view the number of games they played, average kills and deaths per game, their KDR, win rate, and more. The Discover tab also gives you the option to look up other users and to add them as friends. You can also lookup these users’ statistics, like how many matches they correctly voted for.

User Participation In The Strafe App

Another big part of the Strafe app is that it allows you to vote for the winner of a particular match-up before that game is played. It’s a way you can participate and get involved by selecting who you think will be the winning team. Once you make your pick on a particular match, you’ll see how many other people have voted on that match and the percentage of people who have voted for each side. For each correct pick, you’ll earn 10 points. But for each incorrect pick, you’ll get 5 points deducted from your account. These points add up to your Strafe score, which you can view on your profile. You can also see your rank, streak, match history, as well as your daily performance over the past week. Overall, it’s a neat and simple way to get users to interact with the app in a straightforward way!

#3: eForce esports mobile app

screenshot of eForce mobile app

The Breakdown

The third pick on our list is eForce esports app, which is another app that might have flown a bit under your radar. Their eSports app on both iOS and Android. This app is exclusively focused on providing users with all the latest eSports news, scores, stats, and more. It currently covers these major video games:

  • Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
  • Dota 2
  • Fortnite
  • League of Legends
  • PUBG

What to Expect

The eForce mobile app is strikingly similar to the Strafe app. It provides you with a great deal of valuable information related to competitive eSports. Similar to Strafe, you can choose to follow particular games, teams, players, tournaments, and leagues from any of the games we listed above. This means you’ll receive content, news, and updates on the app related to what or who you have chosen to follow. 

#4: YouTube / YouTube Gaming

Screenshot of Youtube Gaming mobile appThe Breakdown

YouTube is the world’s biggest video platform, garnering over 1 billion hours of watch time per day. And a huge part of YouTube happens to be gaming. Just like Twitch, people spend hours each day on YouTube watching countless videos and live streams of their favorite gamers playing video games.

Gaming is such a big part of YouTube that the video giant created a separate platform, called YouTube Gaming, which is dedicated exclusively to those interested in video games. YouTube Gaming is extremely similar to Twitch and pretty much has all the same functionalities and features. The difference is that Twitch has more viewers and more streamers than YouTube Gaming has, which is why it’s higher up on our list. 

#5: ESPN

The last pick on our list of the 5 best eSports app is ESPN. This pick may be a surprise on our list because when you think of ESPN, you probably don’t think of video games or eSports. That’s because ESPN has made its name off of being the top destination in the U.S. for sports news. Not only do they have an always-on cable channel on television, but they also have a full-blown website and mobile app, where you can read and watch the latest news in sports at any time of day.

You may be wondering what ESPN has to do with eSports. Well, if you read our post ‘eSports is a sport‘, you already probably know the answer! If you haven’t gotten the chance to read it yet, the short and sweet summary is that eSports is, in fact, a sport. And so it makes sense for ESPN to include eSports in its coverage!

The best eSports apps keep you connected to eSports 24/7

Streamer playing Fortnite at a PAX West event

Hopefully, by now, you understand that downloading some of our recommendations for best eSports apps will help you keep up with the fast-paced, crazy world of eSports. There is pretty much an app for whatever you want to follow in eSports. If you want to track your favorite player’s stats or quickly know the results of your favorite team’s matches, downloading Strafe or eForce is a great idea. 

If watching all the top eSports competitions and streamers is important to you, you’ll definitely want to have Twitch or YouTube Gaming on your smartphone so you can watch from wherever you are. If eSports is just one of many sports that you follow, we recommend checking out the ESPN app, which also has a bunch of great information, news, stats, and updates from traditional sports. Overall, these best eSports apps on our list will help you stay in the know when it comes to everything eSports.

Now it’s your turn to keep this conversation going in the comments! What did we miss? Do you totally disagree with the order or apps that made the Top 5? Give us your Top 5 below and why!

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